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Posted:  09 Oct 2017 13:57
This is a new topic for the Guest who is looking for the lyrics to
When I Get there by the Sons Family
Here is a studio recording
Posted:  10 Oct 2017 05:27
Lovely song. I enjoyed listening to it

Oh what beauty; streets of gold
in that land we’ll never grow old
and when I get there I’ll have time to see it all
Jasper walls brightly glisten, angel voices you’ll hear when you listen
I’ll see beauty beyond compare. Now hear the call

And when I get there Oh what sights I will see
My risen Savior and loved ones waiting for me
Yes I’ll gladly bid this world goodby and welcome eternity there
Someday I won’t have to say - when I get there

I’ve see mansions made by man built with frail and human hand
But their beauty in this world will someday fade
But in Heaven when I get there I’ll have a home already prepared
Oh a mansion being built by the Master’s own hands
Posted:  03 Nov 2017 19:29
Thank You very much for the video and the lyrics, SongInMyHeart.
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