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Posted:  01 Oct 2017 05:56
I just heard this minutes ago,  can someone post the lyrics, here, please?

Touch Me Lord - Nancy Grandquist
Posted:  22 Oct 2017 19:13

I do think this request has been overlook by mistake.   
The reason I am saying that ,it was posted on 10-1-2017.
Posted:  07 Nov 2017 06:50
Posted:  07 Nov 2017 18:54
Hi Bump Guest
Here is the recording
I don't think your request got overlooked. I'm not sure about anyone else but
at present I haven't had time to dedicate to the effort it takes to transcribe a song Hopefully I will in the near future.
Lord Bless,
Posted:  08 Nov 2017 01:48
Thanks Nancy for replying back to me.  I do appreciate that very much.

Yes, lots of people are really busy, nowadays.

God Bless You, Too.
Posted:  15 Nov 2017 14:11
Touch me Lord one more time with Your Spirit
Touch me Lord one more time with Your power
Oh You’ve touched me so many times before
Lord I’m asking You once more
To reach down and touch me one more time

If I stray too far away to hear You call
If my feet should grow weary - I stumble and fall
Reach out Your hand to me - lift me from my misery
For it’s my desire to be much closer Lord to Thee

Touch me Lord. Touch me Lord

There’ve been times in my life that I felt all alone
And I weep with bitter tears of deep, deep despair
That’s when I went to Jesus and I said one simple prayer
I need You Lord. I’ve got to have Your help
I believe You really care

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