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Posted:  30 Sep 2017 03:49
I just heard this song for the first time, tonight, just wondering if anyone has the words of this song, they could post ?

Don't Give up, Just Give In -The Florida Boys
Posted:  23 Oct 2017 04:06
Posted:  13 Nov 2017 03:13
Posted:  13 Nov 2017 04:15
Hi Bump
Here is the recording
Hopefully someone can come up with the lyrics
before I find occasion to work on it
Posted:  12 Dec 2017 06:30
Thanks for the video recording, songinmyheart.
Posted:  12 Dec 2017 14:04
I don’t know if I got all the lyrics correct and definitely can’t figure out a few
I would really, really, really appreciate you correcting and filling in the blanks
                   Don’t Give Up Just Give In

Don't give up when the storms of life are raging
and the angry billows beat upon you're ship.
When you feel that you can't make it
and no longer can you take it.
Don't give up. Just give in

Don't give up, just give it to Jesus
Every burden that your heart has ever known
You're a new creation ? salvation
Don't give up. Just give in

Just give in. You're a winner not a looser
Let the Man of Galilee direct your ship
He can calm the angry sea
Peace be still and then set free
Don't give up. Just give in
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