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Posted:  20 Mar 2007 13:55
Lyrics please

Just any day now. Our Lord is coming. He'll be returning for you and me. For I've been watching and i've been waiting just any day his face i'll see.
Posted:  20 Mar 2007 15:23


1. Each time I stop and take the time to look around me,
I see the signs of His appearing everywhere.
Things He said to come to pass are now before me.
I can feel the strange excitement in the air.

Just any day now, our Lord is coming.
He'll be returning for you and me.
Oh, I've been watching and I've been waiting.
Just any day now, His face I'll see.

2. There's this longing in my heart for His appearing.
I'll gladly leave behind these trials here below.
For this journey has been hard and I'm so weary,
But, Lord, I feel I'm so much closer home.

Posted:  20 Mar 2007 15:36
You can go to this site:  http://bensonsound.com/lyrics/0630.htm

You can get the lyrics, listen to the entire song, vocal demo, high or low
download the soundtrack or the song it's self.

Posted:  12 Apr 2014 20:05
I  was looking for a song that you didn't have. I believe  you asked  me to
come back  if  i  found  it.   It  is  called  closer  home  1983 of 1984
by  Dottie  Rambo.  You  can find  it  on  you tube.

it  starts       The  lights  across  the  mountain  grows  brighter  all  the  time
sweet  angelic  voices growing  louder  all  the  time.

it  is  sung  by  Dottie   and  her  husband.
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