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Posted:  26 Jun 2017 15:03
The McKameys “Something Worth Saving
Posted:  29 Jun 2017 14:59
https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?f ...

I have wondered many times why the Lord saved me
Why He would grant me repentance and faith to believe
I wondered why He reached down so low for just one old sinner
Well I suppose He must have seen something no one else could see

He must have seen something worth saving that day He reached down and forgave me
He must have known how happy this wretched old sinner would be
And though I feel I’ll never be worthy, my God is real and so is His mercy
He must have seen something worth saving when He saved me

Not one single day goes by that I don’t fail Him
But I’m so glad that He’s faithful and just to forgive
And there’s no way that I can hope to ever repay Him
So I’ll just keep singing His praises as long as He lets me live
Posted:  30 Jun 2017 05:18
I am a different guest. This is the first time I ever heard this song,  I simply love listening to it and reading the lyrics, too.    Sometimes, a song like this will help other people.

SongInMyHeart. I am going to thank you, too for posting the words and video link of this uplifting song

May God Bless You.
Posted:  02 Nov 2017 00:42
Today, I have seen the McKameys on the tv show -  Gospel Music USA.
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