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Posted:  17 Jun 2017 20:49
Hi, Hello everyone,

I have been looking for the name and audio file for the following song, and I was hoping someone can point me to it. It seems that some years back, someone asked the same question via Yahoo Answers (https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111022030208AAL3AKm). I don't know if the person got a reply.

The song goes like this:

There's a place where the darkness cannot find me,
It's where the sun never shines
Where the streets flows with living water
Where the fields touch the sky

There is a place where the world cannot follow
A place where the broken are revived
Where no tear ever falls unnoticed
In the eyes of the Most High ............

I wanna know you, see you, hear you, touch you father.......

That was all I could find online. Sincere thanks if anyone could help.

Posted:  28 Nov 2017 15:59
The Band that created the song , never recorded
The only people that have the recording SPIRIT WORD MINISTRIES in south Africa. spiritword.org.za
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