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Posted:  05 Nov 2005 08:49
Looking for the words to this old song for my friend who has lost the sight in one eye and the other eye is very blurred.  Thank you
Posted:  06 Nov 2005 05:58
Here are the lyrics to this beautiful hymn. It is a very personal one to me, and I hope it brings some comfort and hope to your friend.

He washed my eyes with tears that I might see,
The broken heart I had was good for me;
He tore it all apart and looked inside,
He found it full of fear and foolish pride.
He swept away the things that made me blind
And then I saw the clouds were silver lined;
And now I understand 'twas best for me
He washed my eyes with tears that I might see.

He washed my eyes with tears that I might see
The glory of Himself revealed to me;
I did not know that He had wounded hands
I saw the blood He spilt upon the sands.
I saw the marks of shame and wept and cried;
He was my substitute for me He died;
And now I'm glad He came so tenderly;
And washed my eyes with tears that I might see.

God bless,
Posted:  11 May 2006 19:34
I too love this song by Ira Stanphill--I have looked everywhere for the music peferably free midi with no luck--any help would be appreciated--God Bless all
Posted:  01 Oct 2006 01:57
i also would like to find the music for this or if somebody can tell me what hymn book i can find it in as i would like to sing it for special music some sunday   russ
Posted:  01 Oct 2006 04:31   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Russ,

You can find it in this anthology:

The Homecoming Souvenir Songbook, Volume 1 http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;

The book also contains a number of other great gospel songs.

God bless!
Posted:  22 Oct 2006 22:41
Thanks so much for the words to this song. I have been on line for about an hour hunting this.

God Bless You,
Posted:  27 Dec 2006 07:02
Below is a url for the song
He Washed My Eyes With Tears
by Ira Stanphill

http://www.sacred-music.org/moreinfo.php?labe ...
Posted:  16 Jul 2007 18:05
I'm glad I found this post. I woke up this morning with this song going over in my head. I'm on my way to my favorite spot to journal with the Lord, and I know this song will be apart of my journaling time with Him.  My eyes at thia very moment in time are being washed with tears that I may see and understand the things the people in my life.

Thanks once again,
Rev. Paula Gadbois
Posted:  24 Jul 2007 18:22
Thanks for the lyrics, Steve.  This is a wonderful statement of faith.

Eugene Ramcharan
Posted:  04 Feb 2008 05:14
You can listen to the whole song here.

http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey ...
Posted:  04 Feb 2008 05:17
Ira Stanphill is singing it on this site.

http://www.sacred-music.org/moreinfo.php?labe ...
Posted:  09 Dec 2008 18:05
Thank you so much.  My husband went to be with the Lord a year ago and I can definately say He has and is washing my eyes with tears and I am learning and growing.  Edythe Cooney
Posted:  11 Feb 2009 02:19
Can anyone tell me where I could go to get a mechanical license to record this song?  I am a member of a country gospel music band and we are recording a CD with this song on it.  We need to obtain the rights to record it, but I cannot find where to go.  We have gone to Harry Fox and they do not have the rights to this song.  You can e-mail us at GTMinistries05@aol.com if you have any information for us.  Thanks.
Posted:  17 Feb 2009 07:31
I would also like permission to use the song. I wish to reprint the lyrics in CHERA Fellowship magazine, a quarterly for people whose spouse has died.

I have found a copyright date of 1955, by Ira Stanphil, so if the copyright has not been renewed, the song is over 50 years old and therefore public domain.
Thanks for any help you can give.
Please contact me at kenmar@burgoyne.com
Posted:  17 Feb 2009 16:12
I believe you can request a license for the song here:


God bless,
Posted:  12 May 2009 05:04
I'am so glad I found this sight. This song came back to my mind 3days ago and can't get it out of my head. Thanks     REV.Tim & Judy cox
Posted:  17 Oct 2009 16:55
The URL posted twice above (http://www.sacred-music.org/moreinfo.php?label=Hymntime%20Records&serial=HPLP-1001) appears to no longer be valid.
Posted:  18 Oct 2009 19:12
Does anyone have the words to "the Dream' sung by 3rd tyme out.
Thank you
Posted:  14 Dec 2009 18:39
I to love this song and i would like to find the lyrics to doug oldhams more of you
Posted:  02 May 2010 19:03
Posted:  20 Aug 2010 17:00
Jimmy Swaggart sings this song on you tube. I think His version is the best of this song.
Posted:  15 May 2011 06:14
Thanking God for you and His many blessings. What a a wonderful lesson this beautiful song has. God's best.
Posted:  15 Feb 2012 03:06
Love it..
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 02:24
I must extend a personal heartfelt thank you...you have just made my night...God has used you in a miraculous way!! this is the 1st song my grandma taught me when i was 7 yrs old...the 1st special i ever sang in church & the 1st song i sang in public for my dear great-grandma that i was born on her 88th birthday..my singing debut my 9th birthday...& God has used & blessed me ever since...I am so grateful for the gift & blessing he has given me & my grandma who taught me how to pray, how to sing praises & so much more...she lead me to the Lord w/o knowing all seeds she had planted..though she may be gone, she now lives through me...her words i keep in heart to use for wisdom ea day i live...this song is more than a song to me...i hope you can see...i needed it 2 bless others on release of my next CD...tysm you are a blessing to many...
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 02:37
Yes Jimmy Swaggart  does this on you tube, but changes melody & tempo...if you want original melody and tempo look for Jack Holcomb version...original melody & tempo this also is avail on the same site... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K41usML0Dg8 didn't know til i just saw could place links...so here it is...God Bless all....
Posted:  31 May 2014 03:25
Daywind.com also has the 3-key accompaniment CD for this song.  :-)
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