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Posted:  17 Mar 2017 19:59
Looking for the lyrics.
Posted:  17 Mar 2017 22:41
Hi baritone one,
Is this the song you are looking for
If it is we can post the lyrics for you
Posted:  17 Mar 2017 22:51
Thats the one. I've looked everywhere. Thanks
Posted:  17 Mar 2017 22:54
Great ! I'll post them in a few minutes
Give me time to transpose the lyrics
Posted:  17 Mar 2017 23:08
Thanks baritoneone for bringing this inspiring song to our attention

            Speak His Name
I’ve seen Him sooth the fevered brow
and bring calm to the anguished soul
Who knew the power in the precious name of Jesus
In His very special way He comes to all of those each day
Who’ve learned the secret of speaking His sweet name

Speak His name, the name of Jesus
Speak His name, His Spirit frees us
It does not matter where you are
There is no distance that’s too far
He’ll come to you, just speak His name

There is no certain time of day. There is no special certain way
That we should use to speak the holy name of Jesus
If by faith we do believe then by faith we shall receive
The calm assurance that He is always near
Posted:  17 Mar 2017 23:12
Thank you so much. I have the sound track but just didn't have the words.
Posted:  16 Oct 2017 21:26
Best version ever of this song was sung by the Family Worship Center (Jimmy Swaggart) musical group, and I'm pretty sure it was Martha Borg as the vocalist.  AWESOME VERSION.  Just saw it on TV and went looking for it, and came across this post.
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