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Posted:  02 Jan 2017 09:37
Would love the lyrics for this song

The Bishops sang  I'm Gonna Move

Thanks IN Advance
Posted:  02 Jan 2017 20:48
Hi Thanks IN Advance


I'm gonna move on up to glory,
Gonna take Him by the hand;
He'll lead me through this lonesome valley,
and take me to the promised land.
And when I get there I'll see Him face to face,
Oh, glory what joy divine
And when I move on up to glory
We're gonna have a shouting time

I feel His presence, it's all around us
Oh, I can feel Him in the air
Just to know that He's my Savior
And that He is always there.
Oh, when the suns shines or when the rains falls
When the winds and waves roll high
I'm going to move on up to glory
When He splits the eastern skies


Well, if I could only tell you,
Of all the joy that floods my soul
All the heavens they go asunder
Only God's chosen people can know
You want to feel Him, when you get down on your knees
And pour out your heart to Him
And He will fill you until your cup overflows
So be ready, He's coming again
Posted:  03 Jan 2017 03:45
songinmyheart, thanks for your help.        :-)
Posted:  26 Oct 2017 18:28
I thought that was the Bowman's.
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