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Posted:  08 Oct 2016 19:18
I do not know the title for this hymn, but .i remember all the words.  It is a Christmas carol.  I would like to know the title Nd if possible the piano music for it so that I cN use it at the Nativity in Church on Christmas Eve this year.                       
The words I know are:     "1. last night I left my quiet hill which bends above the town, and found my heart was turned to flame because a star shone down.  Deserted are my huddled sheep, although the wind is cold.  O gently lift the broken latch, he is not very old.  2.  I only know the ways of lambs that  gather in the Byre, yet here beneath the tumbled thatch, is all my heart's desire.  I only have my song to give to eyes so sadly sweet.  O little starry headed child, I kneel before your feet."  Thank you.  Margaret Clarke.
Posted:  15 Nov 2016 00:14
14th Nov 2016
My sister & I were looking for this this week. She used to sing it at her girls' school in the 1960s in Barnet, Herts.  We wondered if it had been written by a teacher there.  It doesn't seem to come up on the internet, does it?
My sister has had it set to music. She is singing it this year.
If you can reply to this, it may be that we could make contact to get the music to you.
Posted:  25 Dec 2016 04:17
The song appears on this CD, where it's called "The Shepherd's Carol".  I don't know if that would help you much, but maybe you could send an email to Kathy Reid-Naiman and ask. 

https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/sing-the-co ...
Posted:  05 Dec 2017 06:44
I sang this carol with a choir from several junior schools in Derby at a big carol concert back in the mid-60s.  It clearly had an impact, as I remember the words half a century later! ' O little starry-headed child I bow before your feet'.  Thank you for the link above.  I shall chase it up!
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