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Posted:  23 Sep 2016 02:09
Need the Lyrics to this song , Please.

What Judas Didn't Know sung by The Freemans
Posted:  23 Sep 2016 03:00

He knew Jesus
Knew His power
Walked beside Him
Day and night
Saw the blind man
Brought from darkness
Saw the dead man
Brought to life

But he somehow missed the mercy
When he needed it the most
And as he stood before
That hanging tree
I wonder why he didn't know

There was forgiveness
But he chose silver
Over streets of gold
Still Jesus loved him
And would've saved
His troubled soul
All he had to do was ask
And that's
What Judas didn't know

I know Jesus
Walks beside me
And when I stumble
It breaks His heart
But still He loves me
And when I come clean
I find myself
In the safety of His arms

But the saddest thing I know of
Is when God's children turn away
From the grace that they've been given
Just like Judas did that day


All you had to do was ask
But that's
What Judas didn't know
Posted:  23 Sep 2016 05:16
wow, that was fast.  I do appreciate this very much, songinmyheart.   God Bless You.
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