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Posted:  30 Jul 2016 21:16
This is all I know.......I was lost, doomed to die, not a ray of hope shone out for me. But the Lord heard my cry, gave me hope and gave me liberty! Would appreciate if anybody could help me out. Thanks
Posted:  25 Oct 2017 06:06
he heard my cry

Once my soul was lost in sin
and the tempter ruled within,
Hope was gone and all was dark despair,
I had sought in vain for peace
But my soul found no relief
Till I took it to the Lord in Prayer

I was lost, doomed to die,
not a ray of hope shone out for me
But the Lord heard my cry,
Saved my soul and gave me liberty

Now the heavy load is gone
And my life is filled with song.
Jesus keeps me happy glad and free
Some glad day on wings of love
I shall reach that home above
There to live with Him eternally

What a meeting that willbe
when the blood-washed throng we see
Marching down the streets of shining gold
singing all with one accord
Holiness unto the Lord
Heaven's glories then will all unfold
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