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Posted:  02 Apr 2009 17:14
hey this is the same user of shimaly the one posted somrthing but anyways i sure am glad in goin home! AMEN
Posted:  02 Apr 2009 17:39
Posted:  17 Apr 2009 16:41

Did you know this was sung in the movie "The Snake Pit" with Olivia de Havilland? (1948) That's where I first heard it. In the movie, she's in a mental institution and one of the women sings it. Beautiful but sad, since many of the people there would never go home.
Posted:  19 May 2009 13:55
Goin' Home can be found sung by Paul Robeson. Download "spotify" free and legal, and you can search and play instantly.
While your there try "Just a Wearyin' for You" by the same deep voiced man.
Regards, Bob.
Posted:  18 Jun 2009 22:04
I don`t know who the athor of this song is but i add the middle verse to the song.

When I’ve left and said good bye, oh don’t you worry,
for I’m just going home;
Yes my saviors out streached arms are waiting for me,
oh yes don’t you worry I’m just going home;
Ill be up there in that mansion,
I shall walk on streats of purest gold;
And when I left and said good bye, for that city in the sky, don’t you worrie I’m just going home.

On that day the lord shall come, oh don’t you worry,
I’m going to that supper in the sky;
Yes when this world is bout to croumble,
oh don’t you worry for I’m just going home;
Ill be up there in that mansion,
I shall walk on streats of purest gold;
And when I left and said good bye, for that city in the sky, don’t you worry
I’m just going home.

It is not for just A day but forever,
my saviors presents I shall behold;
Yes when at last theres peace eturnail oh yes,
don’t you worry I’m going home;
Ill be up there in that mansion,
I shall walk on streats of purest gold;
And when I left and said good bye, for that city in the sky, don’t you worry
I’m just going home.

And when I left and said good bye, to that city in the sky, don’t you worry
I’m just going home.
sorry for the bad spelling LiLCherokeeWolf@netscape.com
Posted:  18 Jul 2009 11:55
I am looking for the lyrics of Kathleen Battle sung Goin' Home version, But I haven't got it still.

I have sung this song in a rare version here :

Down The Road  ( My parents kept it for 70 years )
[Goin' Home the other version]

Down the road, down the road
On my way to home,
Tired and blue, weary too,
Never more to roam.

Friends of old, heart of gold,
Fill my memory,
No more fears, happy years,
Waiting there for me.

Down the road, down the road,
Gentle voices call,
And I guess happiness,
Calls me down the road.

Posted:  20 Jul 2009 21:47
Looking for the song "Lion of Juda"
Posted:  12 Aug 2009 03:44
Hello everyone, I was overjoyed to read the lyrics and your comments but it was my belief that it was an African American spiritual. I remember it with very different lyrics. Anyone remember... "Master dear, master dear, oh please hear me call...."?
Posted:  15 Aug 2009 17:11
I found this track on Bryn Terfel's "Bryn" CD and it is so perfect for the funeral music for my Father who died last week. Its very moving but evocative and stunningly beautiful.

Posted:  16 Sep 2009 00:09
Dear All---I am SO PLEASED to find this site and the lyrics to Dvorak's
profound music.....my Dear Mother played and sang this beautiful melody/hymn in my childhood 65 yrs ago & we had it at her funeral 40 yrs ago this month....I am trying to arrange my funeral and to see the responses from all over the world moved me to tears. also, to find possible CD's/singers is great.....I hadn't cried re/ Mother until today when I sang the words..God Bless
Joe  from Indiana/Midwest USA
Posted:  22 Sep 2009 18:42
I love this hymn.  The first time I heard it was for my dad's funeral several years ago.  A young welsh boy named Andrew Johnston did an excellent rendition on his debut album One Voice in 2008.
best wishes
Posted:  10 Nov 2009 09:39
On the Annie Haslam recording of "Going Home" (on her LP "Annie in Wonderland" 1976 or 77) She is Backed by the London Welsh Male Voice Choir, recorded by Roy Wood.

Posted:  20 Nov 2009 03:54
there's another verse to that song that we sing...

Now my heart gets so heavey as I'm longing to see,
All my loved ones and friends I have known;
But each step draws me nearer to that land of my dream,
Praise God, I am going home.
Posted:  31 Dec 2009 00:47
Going Home

Many times in my childhood when we'd traveled so far,
By nightfall how weary I'd grow;
Father's arms would slip 'round me,
So gently he'd say,
"My child, we're going home."

Going home,  oh, I'm going home,
There's nothing to hold me here;
For I've caught a glimpse of that heavenly land,
And now, I'm going home.

The twilight is fading and the day soon shall end;
I get homesick the farther I roam;
But my Father has led me each step of the way,
And now we're going home.
Posted:  02 Jan 2010 06:34
I chose this song for my Mom's funeral two years ago, and it was very comforting to my family.  I heard it being played on bagpipes two days ago to honour some Canadian soildiers killed in Afganistan as their remains were being returned to Canadian soil.  Very moving when played on the pipes.
Posted:  04 Mar 2010 20:24
I have the words to Going Home but I can't find an accompaniment trax for the song.  I prefer the words by Fisher and Ken Bible.  If anyone has a site where I can get the accompaniment please post it .  Thanks!!
Posted:  07 Mar 2010 15:59   Last Edited By: steveliu
As the links to Youtube are frequently made down, I actualize here the link to the beautiful Libera's version of Going Home.


Video taken from their 2007 concert in the Netherlands, available on CD and DVD.
Posted:  07 Mar 2010 16:44
And here is the lyrics sung by Libera


Going home going home
I am going home
Quiet like, some still day
I am going home

It's not far, just close by,
through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
never fear no more

Mother's there expecting me
Father's waiting too
Lots of faces gathered there
All the friends I knew

I'm just going home

No more fear No more pain
No more stumbling by the way
No more longing for the day
Going to run no more

Morning star lights the way
Restless dreams all gone
Shadows gone, break of day
real life has begun

There's no break, there's no end
Just living on
Wide awake, with a smile
going on and on

Going home Going home
I am going home
shadows gone break of day
real life has begun

I'm just going home
Posted:  11 Apr 2010 00:44
I am trying to buy this above  version which was sung by Harry Secombe ................. any link or information will be gratefully received!
Posted:  12 Apr 2010 01:37
I believe the woman who sang Going Home in The Snake Pit was Betsy Drake, at that time she was the wife of Gene Kelly.
Posted:  12 Apr 2010 20:21
I deeply apologize, the actress in Snake Pit was Betsy Blair, and I think she sang the sone.
Posted:  12 Apr 2010 20:31
My apologies again, I check IMDB and Jan Clayton was the one who sang Going Home in the movie Snake Pit.  I think her voice was dubbed in for Betsy Blair.
Posted:  13 Jun 2010 08:00
"Going Home" also appeared in an earlier movie, Hallalujah.
Posted:  18 Jul 2010 04:25
the angelic voice you may be thinking of is Chloe from Celtic Woman. She does a rendition of "Going Home"
Posted:  27 Jul 2010 06:22
I've enjoyed listening to this Masterpiece many times, over the decades, but never as intently as I did a few moments ago, when the thought suddenly struck me; "If the Lord saw fit to take me home before he returns, I would very much want this piece, [all six and a half minutes of it, i.e. to the track Dvorak - Largo "New World" Symphony complete with Lyrics], played without interruption at the very end of the service before being borne upon the shoulders of my children."
IHS Richard.
God Bless You Steve
Posted:  05 Aug 2010 08:48
Does anyone know where the instrumentals to Jan Clayton's version of "Goin' Home" may be? I plan on singing for my church and I'd like to find a site that has the insturmentals of her version. You might remember her from the 1947 movie "The Snake Pit". That would help TONS if someone could help. Thank you and God Bless.

Posted:  28 Aug 2010 23:53
Thank all of you in this thread!! And Steve Lieu! I've picked up several new lyrics and performances that I hadn't known about before. Just saw "The Snake Pit" last nite on TCM and was particularly moved by the singer's performance.  I (along with a number of friends) have chosen this "Going Home", "Pie Jesu' and "Lux Aeterna' for final services.
Posted:  19 Sep 2010 11:25
I recently heard this on an episode of the TV show "Big Love" (Season 4, Episode 2 "The Greater Good") and liked it so much that I started to look around for it.  Teresa, if you are still around, I think that the "angelic voice" you heard singing this was probably one of the soloists from the Libera Boy's Choir, in South London, England.  Here is a YouTube link for it.  Enjoy!Personally, I think this version is the best one I have ever heard. 

Posted:  28 Sep 2010 00:45
Does anyone know if the lyrics are copyrighted and if so by whom?
Posted:  14 Nov 2010 04:46
found this version of  Dvorak New world Symphony and sounds beautiful
http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=CalikoKat ...
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