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Posted:  29 Sep 2006 04:17
It's a real pleasure to learn about Dvorak's unique largo piece; I have always admired this haunting music so am playing it on the harp. To me "Going Home" is an exquisite expression of adieu with love.
Posted:  09 Nov 2006 19:51
I have only just come accross "Going Home", I was looking for something for a very dear Uncle to play at his funeral. Thanks to everyone. Can anyone tell me if there is a web site I can download it from please?
Posted:  06 Dec 2006 19:41
Someone posted this upthread:

Click on Printed Music.
Posted:  02 Jan 2007 21:14
I'm obviously remembering a quite diferent version of "Going Home," for the words with which I'm familiar do not match any of the strings posted so far.  As much as I can remember goes like this:  Going home, going home, I'm just going home .... Friends of old, hearts of gold, fill my memories ... Down the road, round the bend, all my troubles end, and I'll find peace of mind ....  Can anyone supply the full set of words?
Posted:  03 Jan 2007 17:35
Fascinating provenance, this hymn we Call "Goin' Home." Dvorak came to the U.S. and was so taken with the spirit of the new country that he wrote his Ninth Symphony as both impression and tribute. While his music was completely original, his themes have been adopted and adapted so often that some of them -especially this one - are now widely (though erroneously) believed to be old American folk tunes incorporated into his symphony. Guess his musical impressions were right on the money, huh? I sang this same music with alternate lyrics as a lullaby in an operetta based on the Brett Harte story "The Luck of Roaring Camp."
Posted:  06 Jan 2007 05:48
Thanks a million
Posted:  15 Jan 2007 18:42
This was very helpful.  I was looking for the
music and words after it was sung at former
President Ford's funeral.
Posted:  18 Jan 2007 23:43
Is this the one sung at President Ford's funeral recently?  It was BEAUTIFUL!
Posted:  13 Feb 2007 08:34
It was sung at my wife's funeral by one of her dear friends, just over  a year and a half ago.   Even though she was young and death did not seem close at hand, she had mentioned several times over the years that she wanted her friend to sing this at her funeral. 
I can see her  "wide awake with a smile, going on and on..."
Posted:  17 Feb 2007 15:26
When I first listened to Going Home I downloaded it from this website.  I followed a link and was able to download the entire song.

I updated RealPlayer and lost the song or songs I had saved and haven't found the link again.

I've followed the above links and it was not any of the listed artists.  I'll continue to search but it appears to be hopeless.
Posted:  17 Feb 2007 16:11
Hi Guest,

The link Guest posted in March of 2006 is still working. See here:


God bless!
Posted:  17 Feb 2007 16:21

I really think I found Going Home in the NameThatHymn.com Blog.  It would have been some time ago but I don't remember the date.

Is it possible to search the blog site?

Posted:  17 Feb 2007 18:29
Hi Guest,

A link to the blog site is still available from the Home Page. I removed it from the top navigation because I (embarrasingly) have not been able to update it recently. Call it a six-month case of writer's block

You can search the blog (or for any other page on the site) from the bottom of this forum--just type in your search query on the box on the bottom of this page and click the radio button "www.namethathymn.com".

However, I'm pretty sure I never wrote a blog about Going Home specifically. But maybe I will soon--perhaps that's what'll get me out of my writer's block

God bless!
Posted:  23 Feb 2007 08:10
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking EVERY WHERE for this hymn and a place to buy it. WORDS ARE NOT MADE TO SAY WHAT I FEEL  I went to BYU  and bought the CD immediately!!!! God Bless & and thanks to all who have posted info.
Posted:  23 Feb 2007 09:29
there is a version on the cd libera, angel voices sung by a boychoir. Solists: Michael Horncastle and Tom Cully.

Posted:  25 Feb 2007 14:44
was this written by slaves? is that were it originated?
Posted:  25 Feb 2007 18:05
Hi Guest,

A few folks have posted about the history of this song above.

The original music is from Antonin Dvorak's "New World" Symphony, writen in the last 1800s. Dvorak used as his inspiration the American and African-American music tradition (including spirituals).

Years after the symphony was composed, a student of Dvorak, William Arms Fisher, wrote the lyrics.

As Guest posted above, the fact that many people believe (erroneously) that this song is a traditional folk tune or spiritual is a testament to how accurate Dvorak (a Czech composer) captured the spirit of early American music.

Posted:  26 Feb 2007 20:00   Last Edited By: steveliu
For those looking for sheet music for performing this, SheetMusicPlus has a lot of options:

Piano + Low Voice:
Goin' Home Sheet Music - Low

Piano + Medium Voice:
Goin' Home Sheet Music - Medium

Piano + High Voice:
Goin' Home Sheet Music - High

Goin' Home Sheet Music - SAB

Goin' Home Sheet Music - SSA

Goin' Home Sheet Music - SATB

Three to Five Octave Handbells:
Goin' Home Sheet Music - Handbells

Posted:  04 Mar 2007 19:47
Posted:  07 Mar 2007 15:10
I attended my uncle's funeral in the North of Scotland earlier this week and Goin' Home was sung as he was carried from the Church. A quick search revealed this thread and I fully concur with the many thoughts expressed in it. Thank you for the various links to audio renditions. Very poignant.
Kind Regards,
Ian, London UK
Posted:  12 Apr 2007 16:26
Thankyou so much this was played at my grandpa's funeral and was his favourite hymn. thankyou
Posted:  03 May 2007 12:05
HELP HELP Can somebody help me . I am trying to find which Harry Secombe album has the song 'goin home' on it. i would really like to get a copy of it and am having difficulty finding it.
Posted:  09 Jul 2007 23:21
My mother, whose parents were both born in Czechoslovakia,  said this is usually played at any 'Czech' funerals.   She is quite elderly and just reading the lyrics make me cry.
Posted:  14 Jul 2007 07:34
interesting however the words to Going Home as you have here are not the same as in the original sheet music published by the Oliver Ditson Co.
Posted:  01 Aug 2007 23:40
I love Antonin Dvorak's "New World" Symphony and especially the largo of the second movement.  The song/hymn "Goin' Home" is particularly moving.
Those of you who would like to listen to a wonderful rendition, the Canadian
Men's Chorus,  Chor Leoni has included it on one of their CDs.  Find it at —

http://www3.sympatico.ca/alan.teder/Skylark01 ...
http://chorleoni.org//Recordings/Goin_Home/?f ...
Posted:  03 Aug 2007 22:11
bride gary

   words of song
Posted:  01 Sep 2007 21:53
Does anyone know if this was the hymn sung at the church service which Bill Clinton attended prior to his first inauguration.  I fell in love with this piece of music but did not know how to locate same.
Posted:  27 Sep 2007 02:46
Thank you all for your postings.  I have looked for the lyrics for over 4 years.
The military band played 'Going Home' at the funeral at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery when the love of my life was buried.  I was too destroyed to even begin to ask about the hymn, though I knew the melody from Dvorak and knew that it was a spiritual.
It will be at my funeral, too - and now I have the lyrics.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Posted:  01 Oct 2007 11:15
For me the most beautiful version of this song is by Paul Robeson. His intense bass voice gives extra depth to the meaning of this song.
Toke de Vries, Gemert, Netherlands
Posted:  28 Oct 2007 19:17
Sadly my Mum passed away on October 4th this year, after losing her fight against cancer. The details for her funeral had never been communicated, but fortunately my father recalled that she loved this piece when played on a church organ. Carry my mother from the church while this was playing is something I will never forget.
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