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Posted:  10 Jun 2016 07:20
I am listening to this song, now .. WOW

Jesus Cries - Song *** Artist - Nelson Miller
Posted:  14 Oct 2016 15:05
.                       Jesus Cries

All you all alone in a world of hurt
Do the tears fall down your cheeks
Does it seem like no one knows just how you feel
You don't understand yourself.
Why you do the things you do
Take courage a friend there is one
who knows what it's all about

'Cause Jesus cries overtime you do
Oh yes He knows what you're going through
Yes Jesus cries every time you do
Take courage friend there is hope for you

He will be your hope when your hope is gone
A special friend when you're all alone
A glimmer of light shining through your darkest night
He made you with His own hand
Called your name when time began
He wants you to know that you're His child
Yes His very own
Posted:  23 Oct 2017 06:17
So happy I came across this song.
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