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Posted:  12 Apr 2016 20:44
Looking for the chords to the song trophy of Grace sung by Mike Manuel
Posted:  12 Apr 2016 20:45
Guitar chords
Posted:  12 Apr 2016 22:20
I would love the lyrics of this pretty song, please.
Posted:  13 Apr 2016 02:23
Hi papsfav03,

Does this help with the chords

and for our guest, here are the lyrics

                  Trophy of Grace

Never was a good man. It was much the other way
And I know how it feels to wanna to give up on some days
And I might hold the record for the most mistakes made
but to a man called Jesus I'm a trophy of grace

And no I don't deserve all this love that comes my way
And anyone who really knows me still can't believe that I'm ok
And you may never find my name in some old hall of fame
but He's got a place to put me 'cause I'm His trophy of grace

Now it's just in our nature to wander outside the lines
'til pain and disappointment, it makes it's way into our lives
But unmerited favor, it conquers  all our sin and shame
Oh and we become God's treasure and Satan's price is torn away
Posted:  30 Oct 2017 07:35
Here is a husband and wife duet (The McGuires ) singing this awesome song

Trophy of Grace
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tim McGuires Youtube channel
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChu5BfqEHK3i ...
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