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Posted:  23 Dec 2015 03:19
Would love the lyrics of their song - Turn To Jesus

New group - Call of Mercy with Matt Holcombe
Posted:  23 Dec 2015 05:20
When there's no peace inside and the tears have filled your eyes
All your strength is gone; no hope to carry on
There's one who takes your hand, who will always understand
He'll never leave your side. He wipes the tears from your eyes

Turn to Jesus. He will answer your prayer
Turn to Jesus. He will always care
No matter what you have done,
no matter how far you've run
Turn to Jesus. He will be there

I was the same as you friend, I was lost and deep in sin
My spirit blind inside, all alone in the night
Then a voice spoke my name and from that moment I was changed
He opened up my blinded eyes and all I see is the night
Posted:  24 Dec 2015 10:51
Thank You Very Much for the lyric of Turn To Jesus. It is a good song. And the group sing great.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Posted:  19 Mar 2017 03:21
Here is the youtube video of this song

Turn To Jesus - Call 0f Mercy
Posted:  17 Oct 2017 04:38
Like this song
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