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Posted:  17 Dec 2015 16:28
Does anyone have the sheet music for "O Sacred Lamb"?? I think that is the title. Some of the chorus says...
O Sacred Lamb, thou sacred lamb
you died alone, and you took my stand
to make me clean and white as snow
to Calvary, you had to go...
Posted:  17 Dec 2015 22:52
Or if someone knows where I can find the sheet music???
Posted:  26 Dec 2015 10:55
Lyrics, chord chart, and singtrax available from the author at:


Gerald Best
Post Office Box 422
Eufaula, OK 74432
Posted:  26 Dec 2015 11:10
O Sacred Lamb (1987)

O Sacred Lamb - you knew my name
You knew my heart and you knew my frame
You knew what I could never know
You went where I could never go

  O Sacred Lamb - thou Sacred Lamb
  You died alone and you took my stand
  To make me clean and white as snow
  To Calvary you had to go
  You came a simple humble man
  To save my soul, O Sacred Lamb

Your side was pierced and your heart was torn
A crown of thorns your head adorned
And with those nails there in your hands
Carved every sin of mortal man

One day you'll come and take us home
You'll come for those you've called your own
And with my eyes I'll finally see
This Sacred Lamb that lives in me
Posted:  26 Dec 2015 11:13
This song was originally copyrighted in 1987.  In 2005, the author changed all "you" pronouns to "he", making third person references to the Lord, and changing the nature of the song to that of a testimony.
Posted:  04 Nov 2017 10:52
Sheet music and track available upon request from author at no cost.

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