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Posted:  18 Oct 2015 04:22
heavenly fire fell upon 120 men.???? power from within

fire danced upon them it was the power of the holy ghost

heavenly fire come and do it again
come fall upon us. ?????
he's more than a blessing, more than a change
holy ghost fire come and do it again
Posted:  02 Nov 2017 02:55
Posted:  03 Nov 2017 05:33
A Heavenly fire would be falling on one hundred and twenty men
They were chosen by the Savior to have power from within
Suddenly the ground was shaken and loud shouting filled the host
Tongues of fire fell upon them it was the hand of the holy ghost

Holy Ghost power - come on and do it again
Come on and fall upon us and burn from within
Lord I need more than a blessing and I need a change
Holy Ghost power - come and do it again

Men will preach and try to tell you that the Spirit’s from another day
They say that miracles no longer happen and these things have passed away
But there’s still fire on Mt Zion and this powers will still flow
When God comes by the vessel to be filled with the Holy Ghost
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