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Posted:  04 Jul 2015 05:08

I use to worry bout the troubles and the problems

That this life, always seemed to throw my way

But all of them together can’t compare to the promise

That’s gonna be made real in me someday.


My redemption has been sealed by the blood of the lamb

That’s the reason for the joy that’s in my heart and on my face

And His spirit has revealed, who I was, and who I am

Now I know I’ll never live again in that lonely place

Back there on the other side of grace

For every sinner that has turned to the Savior

Humbly bowed and called upon His name

You can ask them now if they’d ever wanta change it

Their replay will always be the same
Posted:  04 Jul 2015 14:22
Thank you so much for the quick response. I appreciate it so much. You have a blessed day.
Posted:  25 Aug 2015 20:33
I would like to have the lyrics for the song Gentle Shepherd
Posted:  26 Aug 2015 03:30
For continuity sake the lyrics to Gentle Shepherd
are posted under it's own topic. Please go to :
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...
Posted:  15 Sep 2015 16:26
Hi ebhllh,
For the lyrics to BORN AGAIN, please go to
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...
Posted:  30 Oct 2017 06:16
Stephanie Todd- "The Other Side of Grace"
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