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Posted:  29 Jun 2015 17:30
need lyrics to a song:  God's not finished with me yet and I think that this is also the title of the song.
Posted:  29 Jun 2015 19:52
Hi gin
Is it any of these song you are looking for?
If not please supply us with as many lyrics or information that you can.
There are several more songs entitled God's Not Finished With Me Yet
As soon as we identify the correct one, we will have the lyrics
Posted:  16 Nov 2017 05:22
Watch "God's Not Finished with Me Yet - Phil and Jan White - 4K HD" on YouTube

Not the best singers, but I believe this is what gin is looking for, as am I, in sheet music.

I believe it was first out in 1982, by John and Diane Windle, and Timbrel Music.

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