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Posted:  03 Feb 2015 01:57
Does anybody have the lyrics to "Look No Further?" The Perry's sing it and I cannot find the words anywhere. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!
Posted:  03 Feb 2015 03:52
H jordi7194,
I enjoyed listening to this inspiring song. Thanks for bring it to our attention
I transcribed this from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLd8uoC_NKc
but didn't get all the words. If you can fill in the blanks I would appreciate it

                   Look No Further

Someone's coming could this be Him
No I'm not the one; just Abraham
On Mount Sinai when you saw the ram
It was just a picture of the coming Lamb

I hear footsteps. Could this be the Christ
No I am Moses. I am just a type
of the one who will deliver from all sin
The Red Sea crossing was a picture of Him

There in the distance; Oh you must be the King
No I am David. Not the one you seek
but from my seed He'll come and will proclaim
I am the root of David. Jesus is my name

John the Baptist from Jordan's shore
I see him baptize in the name of the Lord
Oh then he looks up and points to a man
?    he said " Behold the Lamb"

Look no further than a manger. He is Mary's child
Look no further than on Calvary and see Him die
In the garden someone's standing where a body was  ?
Look no further He is Jesus risen from that tomb

Up from the grave He arose. He arose. He arose
Look no further He is Jesus risen from that tomb
Posted:  03 Feb 2015 18:08
I think these are the the words I didn't get the first time around

WITH AUTHORITY  he said " Behold the Lamb"

In the garden someone's standing where a body was EXHUMED
Posted:  04 Feb 2015 23:07
Thank you so much songinmyheart. I really appreciate it!!!
Posted:  24 Jun 2015 02:26
Thank you so much for this.  I didn't know the title nor the lyrics....
But it wasn't Mt Sinai where Isaac was replaced by a ram.
The third line should be "On Moriah's mount when you saw the ram"
Posted:  10 Nov 2016 11:31
Thank you for this post.. I was searching the lyrics of this song and Thanks God I saw it here.

Godbless us All.
Thank you again.
Posted:  26 Oct 2017 05:38
What is the name of yhe song that goes I hear crying its coming from a new born babe then I hear footstps hear the sound of love passing by I hear hammering yhey nailingvmy God to the Tree something like that eould love to have thevright lryics   please helpD
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