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Posted:  26 Oct 2005 17:22
Anyone know the lyrics to the hymn Suffer little children? From memory it goes something like this:

Suffer little children to come onto me
For their's is the Kingdom of Heaven
Suffer little children to come onto me
For their's is the Kingdom of the Lord
Posted:  28 Oct 2005 12:36
Hi Guest,

There's an old Stephen Foster song that goes like this:

Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me

What did our Lord and Savior say
When other wished to drive us away?

Suffer little children to come unto me,
Of such is the kingdom of heav'n.

What did he say who from above
Came down to teach us kindness and love?


What were the words of him who bled,
Nailed to the cross with thorns on his head?


What did he say whose spirit shed
Hope to the living, life to the dead?


If on his mercy we rely,
What will his words be when we die?


Hope this is the one. Sheet music is posted on this site:


God bless,
Posted:  28 Oct 2005 15:37
Thanks Steve, but no it is not the one I was looking for. The one I wanted was sung when I was very young in Ireland but I havn't heard it since, and I would love to teach it to my children. My sister remembered another couple of lines:

There came onto Him
Children, little children
that He might lay His hands upon them
(La La La La La)
Children, Little Children,
Gathered around the Lord.

And another bit goes . . . . .

The Disciples said
Children, little Children
(La La La La La La La La La)
Be gone, and stay not
Children, little children
Gathered around the Lord

And the last verse has the Lord telling the Disciples to let the children gather round Him  for there's is the Kingdom of Heaven etc.
The words I already gave you are the chorus.

God Bless you too Steve, the site is great Thanks x Theresa
Posted:  31 Oct 2005 06:58
Hi Theresa,

Ah, yes, that helps Here are the lyrics:


Suffer little children, to come unto me,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Suffer little children to come unto me.
For theirs is the kingdom of the Lord.

There came unto him children, little children,
That he might lay his hands upon them,
Pray for and bless them, children little children,
Gathered round our Lord.

The disciples said:
"Children, little children, leave the master to his Prayer.
Be gone and stay not children, little children
Gathered round our Lord"

But Jesus said:
"children, little children, stay my blessing to receive.
Forbid you not that children, little children
Shall gather round the Lord."

"For you must be like children, little children,
Humble simple, pure at heart.
For it is to these children, little children,
The kingdom of heav’n belongs."

I left out the "la la la" parts, but it looks like you know where they belong Sounds like a fun one--I wish I could be there to learn it with your children

God bless!
Posted:  02 Nov 2005 11:53
Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou
Posted:  04 Dec 2005 04:55
Hi Guest,
I am grateful to find the lyrics to this hymn. I had learnt it in elementary school and was singing it at home one day when my dad said that he had learnt it when he was in school. And thereafter he quoted it whenever we thought we were having a difficult time. he used to say that those who experience hard times ultimately reach God in heaven. He is no more now and I just hang on to his memories. Ironically The very ways he showed us to deal with difficult situations are coming to the rescue of my family family as we lost him most unexpectedly.We feel lost without him even a year has passed.
Thank you and God bless.
Posted:  12 Mar 2007 05:26
Dear Steve,

I have been looking for this song for the longest time.

Would you know who wrote it and/or where I can listen to the whole song?

We used to sing this in church back on the 70's.

Posted:  19 Apr 2007 00:57
I've also been looking for this song. I want to have it for a first Communion,as we always sang it at home in Ireland when I was a child. Any idea who the author is, so I can find the music?


Posted:  21 Apr 2007 04:55   Last Edited By: steveliu
The author is Philip Green, from the Mass of St Francis.
Check out the link below. Hope this helps

Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me Celebr ...

Posted:  16 May 2007 03:41
just found these words and I also have been looking for them for ages.  Used to sing in Primary School at St Patricks Bryndwr, Christchurch, New Zealand.  Cheers.
Posted:  05 Jun 2007 14:40
It is truely a lovely song for Children.  I have the sheet music, and play and sing it on my piano at home.  When I was 11 and 12, I sang it at primary school and I was one of the solo voices. 

If you enjoy Suffer Little Children, you may also like these two lovely songs:-
All Things Bright and Beautiful (version by John Rutter), and  For The Beauty of the Earth. 

Posted:  30 Jul 2007 22:54
hi thier
i would like to know who wrote'suffer little children lyrics' and where did it originate from?
Posted:  23 Aug 2007 00:21
Help!  I have spent the entire day searching for the music for Suffer Little Children as in the 10/31/05 post.  My best friend's cousin died quite unexpectedly, and the funeral is tomorrow.  They very much wish to have this as part of the service and I am running out of places to look.  If you have this or know where I can purchase a download of the music, please let me know as soon as possible.
Thank you so much!
- Stephanie
Posted:  01 Mar 2008 23:12
Thank you for posting the link to the CD. I found it on iTunes and bought it. Such a lovely song... and such a pity the children on the recording sing so incredibly flat.
Posted:  19 Jul 2008 20:53   Last Edited By: steveliu
Here's another version, after listening to it, I prefer this one...

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nineteenth- ...
Posted:  03 Dec 2008 05:02
I nned the sheet music for "Suffer Little Children" very urgnetly.
Can somen help me
Kind regards Denise
Posted:  27 Apr 2009 14:48
This is a lovely song. We had sung the Mass of St Francis of Assissi with Suffer little Children... when I was working in Lucknow, India over 20 years ago! The choir was great. Next week I plan to do just this song for or Church Aniversary with the little ones as part of a short play.
Posted:  07 Oct 2009 21:46
suffer little children to come unto me
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
suffer little children to come unto me
for theirs is the kingdom of the lord
    verse 1
they came unto him children
little children
that he  might lay his hands upon them
pray for and bless them children
little children gathered
round the lord

who remembers this hymn?
little children
Posted:  24 Jul 2010 06:16
The hymn' Suffer Little Children' is sung by Fr Sydney McKeowan (not sure about the spelling)and the Irish boys  choir for a silver jubilee mass. I used to have a taped copy of it by it's lost now and that's all I can remember,the whole sung mass is beautiful tho
Posted:  07 Oct 2012 10:22
Hi thank you all i am singing this right now, beautiful so so beautiful.
Grew up with this and today some 38 years later i am looking for the lyrics again.
Posted:  30 May 2013 16:24
Does anyone know where we can buy the sheet music for this hymn please
Posted:  12 Sep 2014 21:39
Here you are with the version by 'The Batchelors' I remember from my childhood...

Posted:  02 Mar 2018 10:11
DOES ANYONE HAVE THE CHORDS FOR THIS HYMN - Suffer little Children ? PLEASE ...........................
Posted:  02 Mar 2018 16:51
https://chordify.net/chords/the-bachelors-suf ...
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