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Posted:  25 Jan 2011 16:50
Sheet music plus has a minimum order of 6 copies!  Where can I get this music to buy in UK? or to download? Please, as my son wants it at his wedding.
Posted:  15 Mar 2011 15:19
i heard this song during a retreat. would appreciate it if you could send me the sheet music. i've been looking for it but no luck so far
thank you!
Posted:  29 Mar 2011 07:49
thanks for posting the lyrics of that wonderful song. can iask a favor? if possible to have it with a chords. thank you!!wd
Posted:  24 May 2011 19:51
This hymn fill me with such love and hope, I feel the closeness of Jesus when I hear this. Thank you David Haas.

Posted:  01 Jun 2011 14:50
Thank you so much for posting the lyrics. I really love this song but I can't download this since I don't know the title.  Now I can download it. Thanks so much. You're an angel!
Posted:  09 Jun 2011 12:52
hi guys, i need You are mine piano sheet, i hope any1 here have it, please email to me at dolls_head_manika@yahoo.com i will sing it to my offertory this sunday in our church. Thanks
Posted:  22 Jul 2011 23:00
go to you tube and find david haas
Posted:  28 Jul 2011 08:27
Hi! can I have a song sheet of this song in piano??? I know that it's illegal to ask for free but we'll be using it in our church during communion and we really don't know where to get this. It's a very beautiful song of our creator to us... so please share some??? thank you in advance... weng.carballo@gmail.com
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 11:37
loved this song the first time i heard it.  if anyone has a sheet music for the song i'd really appreciate receving it via email. will teach it to our youth choir. kindly send to lsvelasquez1@yahoo.com 
thanks and blessings.
Posted:  17 Oct 2011 09:01
thank you for posting.....GOD loves us....
Posted:  28 Oct 2011 20:20
We always sing this song in church and i really love the lyrics.  It is so meaningful and it lightens the any burden.
Posted:  07 May 2015 07:35
I am planning on having this song as a meditation song for a wedding.  Is it appropriate for a wedding meditation song?  Please advise.
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