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Posted:  01 Jul 2008 21:45
The words to this song are so powerful that it will make a none believer, a true believer.

Thank you so much for sharing with us all.
Posted:  18 Jul 2008 09:33
has any one got the piano music for it?
if so can you email it to me please!
Posted:  14 Sep 2008 01:59
I am looking for the lyrics of "You Are The Presence" by David Haas.  Can you help me out? Thank you.
Posted:  30 Sep 2008 17:19
Thank you for the lyrics..
Posted:  02 Nov 2008 01:35
My twin sister, Barbie, and I just went to church and heard this song. Barbie said she had the lyrics in her wallet for many years. Thank you for posting the lyrics...they are very comforting words during a difficult time.
Posted:  20 Jan 2009 14:32
much thanks for the lyrics. Wow this song is great it really gives an immense impact in our hearts. Thanks
Posted:  25 Jan 2009 22:01
My wife and I used You are Mine at our wedding.  Her father and aunt sang it.  He almost didn't get through it; it brings me to tears every time.  Beautiful, beautiful song.
Posted:  26 Jan 2009 16:58
i love it
Posted:  15 Feb 2009 03:17
I absolutely love this hymn!  We sang it in Mass last Sunday, and it is such a wonderful song that reminds me that God loves me no matter what and I can always rely on Him.  It almost drove me to tears because of the lyrics.  I love it!
Posted:  22 Feb 2009 04:51
Thank you for posting song. Every time it is sung in church it brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of those dear to me that are no longer with us. 

Thanks again and God Bless
Posted:  06 Mar 2009 21:28
This has always been my favourite hymn.
I will thank God and ask His blessings for all of you, if you would please pray for my daughter, Shannon.
Posted:  24 May 2009 02:38
thank you so much....my only brother died  suddenly....depressed, and  all alone.....i am  sure  HE   is  embracing him and all his pain....
Posted:  30 Jun 2009 07:10
Nearly or do cry everytime I sing this song. Very moving. I love it.
Posted:  24 Aug 2009 05:55
if you have the music sheet i would appreciate it if you can send me the file... thanks a lot!!


thanks in advance... XD
Posted:  04 Oct 2009 18:39
This hymn offers such peace.  It brings me to tears in good times and bad.
I knew the chorus but not the verses.  Thank you so much.
Posted:  08 Oct 2009 03:25
Thank you for posting the song!...Like any others,I've been looking for this a long time ago....thank you so much...it inspires me a lot........It Gave me so much hope & Joy........
Posted:  31 Jan 2010 16:52
Btw, who is speaking in the song?
Posted:  01 Feb 2010 17:07
This is totally a catholic song.
Posted:  13 Feb 2010 10:13
i really really love this song since I was in college...
Posted:  30 Mar 2010 04:11
This song is such a great comfort to those of us who are going through Spiritual Warfare.  Thanks for sharing!
Posted:  01 Jun 2010 02:35
If you really love this song, then please boycott all the musicians on the following list; they are an Internet group that loathes David Haas and his music.

http://web.archive.org/web/20060611232214/htt ...
Posted:  04 Jun 2010 20:36
Thank you for posting.  My daughter wants to have this sung at my grandson's funeral next week.  He died at delivery this week.  He is beautiful and we all got to hold him and tell him how much we love him.  Now we must bury little Luke before we ever got to take him to a park, teach him a song, or fly a kite.  He is our special saint who left this world too soon.
Posted:  15 Jun 2010 08:48
I love this song !!Has any one got the piano music for it?    If so , email me please at iuliaflp@yahoo.com  Thank you from all my heart!!
Posted:  29 Jun 2010 23:53
Hi.. Thanks for posting the lyrics!!! Favor please.. Put a chords on the lyrics so that I can teach the song for my catechism. Thank you so much!
Posted:  27 Aug 2010 17:15
Thank you so much! I m so blessed.....Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.....sooner or later God is coming soon..... so we ready for that. Amen!
Posted:  04 Sep 2010 05:19
wow!at last i found this song..thank you..vca =)
Posted:  07 Sep 2010 06:21
Thank you so much.  Heard it over the conference last weekend and it really brought me to tears.  I felt the Lord embracing me tight.  I am secure in His arms.  God bless you!  =)
Posted:  18 Oct 2010 05:12
This was sung at my daughter's funeral a few weeks ago.  I have listened to this song for spiritual strength the past few years.  I decided this weekend to have the chorus of this song engraved on our tombstone.  Not sure I can ever hear this song again without tears.
Posted:  02 Nov 2010 20:26
Does anyone know if there is biblical basis for this song?
Posted:  04 Dec 2010 23:56
ds is a very inspiring song that moves my soul...
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