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Posted:  27 Aug 2014 23:34   Last Edited By: Bri Marie
Does anyone have the lyrics to the song How Blessed?
It goes How Blessed How Blessed To Serve A God Who Still Answers Prayer but that's all I know does anyone have the lyrics to this song?
Posted:  18 Oct 2017 21:15
Here you go!

We prayed for someone who was ill
Asking for healing, if it would be Your will
And we prayed for a loved one, who had lost their way
So as we look in the pews around us today, we have to say…

How blessed, how blessed!
To serve a God who still answers prayers
For Lord, who are we that You would hear our plea
So for all that You do, let us never forget to say
How blessed!

Kneeling at an altar stained with tears
We prayed for someone for so many years
Satan tries to discourage us from praying anymore
But then another answered prayer walks through the doors
And we have to say…

Link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AplR_NZ6Zs0

Hope the helps you!
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