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Posted:  07 Mar 2014 20:43
I'm looking for the song by the Primitive Quartet
When Our Eyes Meet Again !!!
Posted:  26 Jul 2016 06:15
Does it go something like: "And I will miss your smiling face, singing His Amazing Grace. I will miss the times you talked with me how you spoke of Calvary....
Posted:  26 Jul 2016 06:20
I was wrong...that one starts:
Sometimes it's hard to say Goodbye to the dearest ones you have **** often tears flow down our face, tho love we can't erase...
Posted:  21 Oct 2017 11:17
Here you go Rick and Guest


Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to the dearest one you have loved
Often tears flow down our face, this love we can’t erase
As we place a rose upon their grave, we’ll walk away and then we’ll say
Our hearts will only mend when our eyes meet again

We’re going to meet again on that golden strand
Where death ? and there’ll be no sad goodbye
He’ll say my child enter in there is someone here awaiting you
What joy when I step inside and our eyes meet again

When you enter those pearly gates and you see all that there awaits
Go to the place where the saints arrive and wait for me there
You’ll know me by the smile I’ll wear Oh what joy and love we both shall share
For the first time I’ll see Heaven when our eyes meet again
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