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Posted:  27 Oct 2013 10:38
its harvest time its harvest time the fields are
Posted:  27 Oct 2013 17:16
Is this the Harvest Time you are looking for?

I look and see earth's gold and riches
The hording mob for selfish gain
The toil of hands for ease and comfort..
I look again and see the falling golden grain

harvest time, harvest time
The Savior's calling. The grain is falling
Oh do not wait. It's growing late
Behold the field is white, It's harvest time

Say not four months hen comes the harvest
For ripe the grain ready to yield
Work while it's day the night is coming
Lift up thine eyes and see God's needy harvest field


And when I stand before my Maker
And give account for what I've done
May I then hear Him saying to me
Well done my servant you the crown have won..


Oh, do not sleep while souls are dying
Awake arise there's much to do
At any price seek hard to win them
And then, I'm sure there'll be a crown for you
Posted:  27 Oct 2013 17:28
If it is the song, we have it in our archives at
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...
with a link to a good recording

If this isn't the song you are looking for please give us
any other clues you might have and we'll keep looking
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