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Posted:  07 Oct 2013 10:08
Does anyone know the lyrics to this song 'HALLELUJAH TURNPIKE' by the Isaacs?
I'm going to sing this in church.
Posted:  07 Oct 2013 14:13
Hi Alem, I this transcribed from:
You'll need to fill in the gaps and corrections are needed !

I'm rolling up that Hallelujah Turnpike.
I'm loaded up with joy in my soul.
This rig is Glory bound and the Devil can't slow me down
'Cause Jesus already paid the toll

Rollin' Lord we're rolling and Heaven is further up the road
Wheels are turning. Never returning.
Oh get behind me Satan you're too slow
We're rolling up that Hallelujah Turnpike headed home

If you're not on that Hallelujah Turnpike
you'd better turn and go the other way
Oh sinner don't wait. Start heading toward the Pearly Gates
move over in the passing lane
Posted:  08 Oct 2013 07:02
Thank you so much. I needed it the most.
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