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Posted:  21 Sep 2013 07:29   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi everyone. A lot of you might have noticed that the site went down on September 19. Thank God, I'm happy to report that the site is back up and running now. It looks like we lost some posts from the 19th and the 20th, so my apologies to any of you who posted during that time period whose posts may have been lost.

Many thanks to Nancy (songinmyheart) for bringing this to my attention. She wrote me something interesting: "Satan does not like all the singing and praising and lifting up the Lord's name, so of course the site would be attacked!"...and doesn't that just make us want to rejoice all the more? I totally agree

As the restoration process can sometimes be a little tricky, please post a message to me here if you notice anything missing or awry with your login. We'll keep this site running and glorifying God's name no matter what!!

God bless, and here's to more hymn lyrics detective work!
Posted:  21 Sep 2013 15:47
Steve, so glad you got the site back on.  God bless you!!
Posted:  06 Dec 2014 07:26
This might be hard to do but I would really like if we could have a link to see our posts. I often want to see the songs I posted but often cannot because they are how many hundreds pages back. I would appreciate if this could be done. Maybe it is possible I just don't know how. Thank-you.
Posted:  06 Dec 2014 14:06
Hi dolphingirlaurel,

See your name underlined in red in your post above?
Click on it and it will take you to the "About this member" page
You will find "Discover all topics in which dolphingirlaurel has posted"
Click on it and you will see all the songs you posted or replied to.

Lord bless you,
Posted:  06 Feb 2017 07:17
...and we're back again.

The site has been down for about a day now (thanks once again to Nancy for bringing it to my attention). Thank God, we found the root cause and the site is back up and running now.

God bless,
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