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Posted:  16 Sep 2013 21:58
I held on til the storm was over
not because I'm great,
not because I'm good.
but I held on

(jeremy yocum) sings this song.
Posted:  16 Sep 2013 23:08
transcribed from https://socialcam.com/v/vWff2Ftj

You ask me how it is that I'm still standing
You wonder how I made it through this storm
I can't boast of any special powers
There's no secret. I just held on

And I held on til the storm was over
I don't claim to be a hero
and I don't have all the answers
but I held on 'til the storm was over
not because I'm good, not because I'm great
not because I'm strong but I held on

I can tell that things are finally happenin'
and I've got blessings I can call my own
many times I wondered if I would make it
While I was wondering I just kept holding on

Posted:  20 Oct 2013 21:42
this is one of my favorite songs!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  03 Feb 2014 07:14
where can i find soundtrack to this song i sing for the Lord & this song can minister to so many people including myself would love to be able to find it so far unsucceful please help. tdavis31@hotmail.com
Posted:  17 Mar 2014 21:15
Am F
Am F
Posted:  10 Oct 2014 20:43
Has anyone been able to find the soundtrack for this song?
Posted:  26 Oct 2014 16:53
Shara McKee does a wonderful job on this song! I recommend her version!
Posted:  25 Feb 2015 01:43
Track available at www.thepokstore.com
Posted:  04 Mar 2015 13:51
I love this song sooooooo much
Posted:  24 Mar 2015 02:56
Pastor Ben Weeks wrote this beautiful song! Love the lyrics and love hearing him and Sis Valerie (his wife) sing this! Tremendous apostolic anointing
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