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Posted:  15 Sep 2013 03:43
thanks cgb
Posted:  15 Sep 2013 06:31
If the song you are looking for is I Have A Hope
written by Edward L. Williams and Irma B. Williams
1982 Tennessee Music & Printing Company,
here is a Youtube of Irma singing it:

Here are some of the lyrics:
Now I have a hope that is steadfast and sure
I have an anchor that will endure
Yes my anchor holds beyond the grave
For Jesus our Lord the great resurrection
Is mighty to save

Trust this helps
Posted:  20 Oct 2017 08:23
I Have A Hope

Verse #1
My heart was so torn. / So burdened with care.
My trouble and sorrow, / so heavy to bear.
Then I called on the Lord, / and in my despair;
He came unto me, / lifted me up, / and answered my prayer.

Now I have a hope, / that's steadfast and sure,
And I have an anchor, / that will endure.
Yes, my anchor holds, / beyond the grave,
For Jesus, my Lord, / the great Resurrection, / is mighty to save.

Verse #2
Though sorrow may come, / to darken my way,
Well, I have an anchor, / a hope that will save.
So I'm praising the Lord, / and I'm glad I can say;
Jesus delights / to answer the prayers / of those who obey.

Verse #3
To all those who weep / the Lord draweth nigh,
For He too is weeping, / and hears your heart's cry.
But in Jesus, our Lord, / the soul never dies.
For He is the Res- / -urrection, and Life. / Your loved-one shall rise.

Words & Music: Edward L. Williams & Irma B. Williams
© 1982 - Tennessee Music & Printing Company
Posted:  20 Oct 2017 08:25
Another great video of this wonderful song! :-)

Posted:  26 Oct 2017 22:20
Great song
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