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Posted:  15 Aug 2013 22:02
i cant make it on my own
Posted:  15 Aug 2013 23:48
Found these lyrics along with several posts in our Archives going back to 2007
http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detec ...

I’m not about to quit, I mean to make it
Make it all the way
I’m not about to quit, I mean to see Jesus
Jesus, Jesus someday
I may stumble down and feel unworthy
Sometimes I feel so unfit
There’s one thing about it, I’m going to shout it
I’m not about, not about to quit

Well this battle I fight
It gets so hard
Till it seems I surely will fall,
This mountain I climb, it presses my mind
When I see, I see just how tall
Well the river’s so wide, and the valley’s so low
As low as it seems it can get
But I will come out, with a victorious shout
Cause I’m not about, not about to quit

I read of a man, in a far distant land
Who wrestled, with an angel all night
He prayed and he prayed
And he stayed and he stayed
Till he put up a mighty good fight
Oh Jacob he’d say, as the angel pulled away
While the dawn was breaking the mist
My patience you’ve tested, but I want my blessing
I’m not about, not about to quit

For thirty long days, nobody could pray
To Daniel, a message was sent
You’ll make a feast, for some old hungry beasts
That are down in the old lion’s den
But on the next morning
The King came among them, “Daniel, friend, how is it?”
Oh King, live forever, my God has delivered
And I’m not about, not about to quit

Old Job was tried, he prayed and he cried
Everything around him was gone
His cattle, his well, his friends and his health,
His children and everything that he owned
“Just curse God and die”, was his wife’s reply,
But from ashes where Job humbly sat,
He said, “I’ll have you to know,
I’ve come forth like gold
Cause I’m not about, not about to quit”.

Now Peter and John, in Jesus’ name
Healed the man at the beautiful gate
The rulers rose up and said this must stop
Their hearts were so filled with hate
If you preach again, in this man’s name
It will surely bring you regret
Said Peter and John, we’ve just begun
And we’re not about, not about to quit

Like Peter and John, we’ve a message to preach
And it’s written down deep in our hearts
The message of hope, deliverance from sin
From the world, it will set us apart
We have a desire, to climb up higher
Higher than we’ve been yet
We’re striving for the bride, we’ll not be denied
Cause we’re not about, not about to quit
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