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Posted:  01 Jun 2013 19:28
Hi all. Looking for grace was the answer by the Mckameys
Thanks! Tim
Posted:  01 Jun 2013 19:29
from the CD "An Acoustic Journey"
Posted:  02 Jun 2013 13:43
Grace was the answer

            4                    1       
The prison was a dungeon, the cell was cell was damp and cold
            5                    1
Barabbas knew his life was done, the sentence had been told
            4                1
then suddenly the door swung wide, and he was set free
        5                    1
in awe and disbelief he cried, why was this done for me?


Grace was the answer, before the question was why
Love was the reason------, God gave His Son to die
Mercy was Gods strong hand, when- he- heard- my cry
Grace was the answer, before the question was why

END......Grace was the answer

I'm the one who was in prison,       and I deserved to die
life was full of bad decisions,    no more reason left to try
in darkness I drifted                   , a slave to self and sin
but now the charges are all lifted, and I'm asking why again
Posted:  30 Oct 2017 05:57
I just found this youtube video of this wonderful song

Grace Was The Answer by the Goodmans   { Cover - McKameys }
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Playlist of Sermons on Grace
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJx7yzJ6IVtQ ...
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