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Posted:  12 May 2013 13:54
I have been looking for this song----other lyrics to it include....I want to sit them down all around my throne and tell them about their brand new home. I just wan to love them. Go get my children. Thanks so much!
Posted:  18 Mar 2015 04:29
It's sung by Robbie Hiner  not sure the title
Posted:  18 Mar 2015 04:33
The savior sits at his fathers right hand. in fellowship so sweet , thinking of the time, when they were separated, but all at once , the father stands and he looks right at his son, and with a smiling face he says the words that have been long awaited...  "Go get my children.. Oh we've waited long enough , go get my children, their places are prepared.."   I listened to him sing this when I was 16 in church, great song
Posted:  22 Nov 2015 03:14
blessenmom040609, if you are still wanting this song, I can send you the words/chords. Let me know.
Posted:  13 Jul 2016 23:44
MrsBand I just now saw this but I would love the words chords to this song, Thanks so much!!
Posted:  22 Apr 2017 22:42
I also have been lookiing for the Words and Music to the song "Go Get My Children" by Robbie Hiner.  Can someone share them with me?
Posted:  27 Oct 2017 03:15
I would like the lyrics to Go Get My Children by Robbie Hiner
Posted:  27 Oct 2017 19:53
I have look for the lyrics and a video of that song 
Go Get My Children by Robbie Hiner, just didn't come up with anything. 

Posted:  30 Jan 2018 17:17
go in to about 4 min 20 seconds.
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