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Posted:  07 Apr 2013 22:05
Hi! Does anyone have the chords to Going Back by the Freemans?
I have the lyrics, but I honestly cannot figure the chords out. Any help will be appreciated. Here are a few of the lyrics to make sure we're taking about the same song.
Ch: We've got to go back to living true, we got to go back to the absolute. Back to where the church stands strong- back to where there's a right and there is a wrong.
Posted:  08 Apr 2013 05:32
I have them. If you post your email I will send them off to you. niki
Posted:  12 Apr 2013 02:38
karenjoshlin@gmail.com   Very much appreciated!
Posted:  31 Aug 2015 22:11
can i please get the chords as well?
Posted:  30 Nov 2016 01:17
I would love to have the chords to we've got to go back also.... my email is apostolicmommy2@yahoo.com if someone has them that would be wonderful!
Posted:  05 Dec 2016 02:29
Could I please have the chords as well? Camerondelacey@gmail.com
Posted:  21 Feb 2017 16:07
could I have the chords too please? sandyayala_4@yahoo.com
Posted:  22 Feb 2017 08:40
I need these chords please hannah_cassaday@yahoo.com
Posted:  14 Mar 2017 03:14
I need the chords to I got to go back by the freeman please lpbursey@hotmail.com thank you very much
Posted:  02 Apr 2017 02:37
I would like the Chords also Please and thanks Brettswife4life@hotmail.com
Posted:  16 Oct 2017 17:29
Could you please send me the chords also my email is Pospisil17@hotmail.com  thank you
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