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Posted:  10 Oct 2012 21:24
A topical one as it is harvets festival time - I remember as a child singing a hymn that went along the lines of
"Blackberries in the hedges are hanging ripe and good...
mushrooms in the meadows spring up around our feet"

I can't find it anywhere on the internet, it was a really nice hymn for children so would love to rediscover the words (the tune I can remember very well). Any help appreciated.
Posted:  13 Sep 2013 23:12
weirdly I went i looking for the whole hymn coz I was watching harvest 2013 on bbc2

I remember a little bit... maybe two verses

Blackberries in the hedges are hanging ripe and good
And nuts for winter storage are growing in the wood
How great and good our father's care to send us harvest everywhere

Apples in the orchard are plump and ripe to eat
And mushrooms in the meadow spring up around our feet
How great and good our father's care to send us harvest everywhere

I think that's how it goes- did you find it anywhere last year??

Hope this help
Posted:  28 Sep 2015 13:59
Does anyone else know the words for this?
Posted:  23 Apr 2016 10:19
I'm looking for this one too.  Anyone get anywhere finding it?  I loved this one when I was little
Posted:  23 Apr 2016 14:17
The hymn is titled The Good Things of the Earth.
It is published in the children's song book  -
Morning Has Broken: Hymns to Play and Sing
First published in 1974 and in subsequent years
by Schofield and Sons Ltd, Huddersfield.
It is out of print but copies can be found on
Amazon, Alibris, and Abebooks from time to time.
Posted:  15 Oct 2017 02:33
I too remember this hymn and loved it but I only remembered the first verse would love the music and lyrics to sing to it again and teach it to my grandchildren I can't find it anywhere
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