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Posted:  21 Apr 2009 02:59
Thanks for this song Steve, you are a blessing. I haven't heard this song in years.
I will add this one to my song book!
God bless,
Posted:  03 May 2009 00:17
I'm looking for the Lyrics to a song by the Rex Nelson Singers called 'I'll go'..would anyone have it??
Posted:  02 Jun 2009 04:00
Nancy Harmon wrote and sometimes sings this song. Her website is http://www.nancyharmon.org
Posted:  19 Jun 2009 15:36
I've lived sheltered for most of my life. I'll never have the oppurtunity to talk about doing drugs or being in a gang or anything like that but Praise God, I've know what it is to truly love the Lord. It's Jesus and me and I am excited.
Posted:  30 Jun 2009 15:42
this is the song i was looking for.Thank you very much
Posted:  03 Dec 2009 22:50
Thank you so much! I have looked all over for the lyrics to this song ever since the Hoppers has singed it at my church. 
Posted:  10 Dec 2009 21:05
The verses & the chorus are right but you left out a part at the end. Our choir sang this 4 weeks ago. After the last chorus the words are:
"We've come this far by Faith, Leaning on the Lord. Trusting in His Holy word. He's never failed us yet. No! No! Don't turn around! We've come this far by Faith.  But I'm nearing the home shore. The Redeemed are rejoicing, Heavens Angela are singing . We've come too far to look back".

The end.
Posted:  12 Mar 2010 13:10
Trying to find a song called Look for me at Jesus feet..

Don't look neath the gates of pearl
Don't lool on the streets of gold
Don't look by the walls of Jasper
Or amoung the many sites untold
For I've  been longing
And I've been waiting
For the precious holy one to meet
There I'll be through the countless ages
Look for me at Jesus feet
Posted:  04 Apr 2010 07:34
For the person Trying to find a song called Look for me at Jesus feet..

This is sung by the Boothe Brothers

Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet

If I leave this world of sorrow
Sometime before you do.
Just look for me in Heaven
And we’ll talk the ages through.
But if at first, you fail to see me
Let me tell you where I’ll be.
I’ll be thanking Christ, my Savior
For saving a wretch like me.

But if you should reach that city
Before my time has come.
Perhaps, you’d like to greet me
When my race down here is run.

Just wait for I’ll soon be coming
Across life’s ebbing sea.
And I’ll tell you now, dear loved one
Just where to wait for me.

Don’t look beneath the gates of pearl.
Don’t look on the streets of gold.
Don’t look by the walls of jasper.
Nor among the many sights untold,

For I’ve been longing and I’ve been waiting,
For the Precious, Holy One to see.
There I’ll be through the countless ages,
Look for me at Jesus’ feet.
There I’ll be through the countless ages,
Look for me at Jesus’ feet.

View it here - http://www.boothbrothers.com/images/lyrics/pu ...
Posted:  25 May 2010 04:13
Hey looking for a song but can't remeber but this few words-( she's a flower blooming on the hills of glory, when she walks an talks an tells her sweet story, when life down here is over i'll go to meet her)
Posted:  17 Jul 2010 19:07
The Inspiration Quartet sang that song way back in the 70's.   "I've come to far to look back"
Posted:  17 Jul 2010 19:16
I'm looking for a song that I use to sing as a teenager...I'm in my 50's now.
In the 70's I think it was the McKamey's sang a song.   " The realness of the spirit "

Here's one of the verses

I never worry when shadows lengthen
Or when the road of life looks dim
For Jesus is my shepherd
And I put all my trust in Him

Then some day I shall reach heaven
No more I'll have to roam
Where the spirit of the Living God
Will guide me safely home.


And it's the realness of the spirit
That's why I am so free
The Savior worked a miracle
When He saved a wretch like me

And I can feel His presence near me
As I go from day to day
Where the spirit of the living God
Will brighten up my way.
Posted:  07 Aug 2010 07:30
Looking for a song that goes... I'm nearing that shore that heavenly shore  my journey is over my battles are ore .......... I'm nearing that shore  My grandma sang it when I was young and that is all I remember of it.
Posted:  24 Oct 2010 02:56
this is what  i got

I've come too far to look back again
there is nothing behind me
All the treasures i used to love
have all faded from view
there's a new day ahead for me
all my heartaches are over
for i left it at Calvary
where my new life began...

I've come too far to look back
my feet have walked through the valley
I've climbed mountains, crossed rivers
dessert places I've known
but I'm nearing the home shore
the redeemed are rejoicing
heaven's angels are rejoicing
I've come too far to look back

Verse 2
look around there's no happiness
some say there's no reason for living
life will give you a broken dream
full of sorrow and fear
turn around, don't look back again
face the new day before you
place your heartache in Jesus'  hands
he can mend broken dreams


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Posted:  29 Apr 2011 06:09
I’ve Come to Far to Look Back

   C                                       F
Look around, there's no happiness.  There's no reason for living.
                                   C                                                                 G
Life will give you a broken dream.  Filled with heartaches and fear.
                                               C                             Dm  Em  F 
Turn around don't look back again. Face the new day be…fore you.
                     Dm              C                               G                    C
Place your heartache in Jesus hand.  He will mend broken dreams.

C                                        F                                            Em    Dm    C
I've come too far to look back.  My feet have walked through the valley.
                                G       D      G
I've climbed mountains, crossed rivers.  Desert places I've known.
                                   F                                          Em  Dm     C
But I'm nearing the home shore.  The redeemed   are   re….joicing.
                 G                   C
Heaven's angels are singing.  I've come too far to look back.

C                                                                                        F
I've come too far to look back again.  There is nothing behind me.
                C                        G
All the treasures I used to love.  Have all faded from view.
                  C                Dm        Em    F
There's a new day ahead for me.  All my heartache   is    over.
                            C                           G             C     F      C
For I left it at Calvary.  Where my new life began.
C                                            G                                       C
Heaven's angels are singing, I've come too far to look back.
G                                  F        C
Too   far     to    look     b  a  c  k.

I hope this is what you are looking for in the chords for this song.  God bless
Posted:  29 Apr 2011 06:11
Lyrics and chords for I've come to far to look back.  In the key of C
Posted:  19 Jul 2011 08:20
If you go to YouTube and look up Jimmy Swaggart and Nancy Harmon, she wrote the song, and you can hear her singing it.  This first one on this page needs to change some words that are incorrect in the lyrics.  Listen to her sing it.
Posted:  31 May 2012 18:55
Looking for lyrics and music for "When I've Gone the Last Mile of the Way" Chorus
When I've gone the last mile friend
and  sweet heaven I view
I shall see my dear Savior
who saved me and guided me thorugh
Heavens doors will swing open
well done He will say
Enter in live forever
When I've gone the last mile fo the way
Posted:  04 Jun 2012 06:39
Posted:  15 Nov 2012 06:03
Im looking for the lyrics for "Ive been born again" by Nancy Harmon. Thanks!
Posted:  08 Mar 2016 03:46
I love that song "I've come too far to look back and the way it was set... awesome.
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