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Posted:  01 Oct 2012 09:28
My God is far greater than ___can tell.

And he cares for me....
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 20:21
are these some of the lyrics?

"Our God is far greater, than words can make known
Exalted and holy, He reigns on His throne
In infinite splendour, He rules over all
Yet He feeds the poor sparrows and He knows when they fall.

His power is great and will ever endure,
His wisdom is peaceable, gentle, and pure.
But greater than all these glories I see,
Is the glorious promise that He cares for me."
Posted:  30 Nov 2017 17:51
I am looking to buy a copy of the song: He Cares For Me. Do you know who the original singers are? and how can I purchase a CD copy?
Thank you.

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