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Posted:  07 Oct 2005 16:46
Looking for the words to The old ship of Zion.
Posted:  08 Oct 2005 14:34
Hope this helps god Bless You


I was standing on the banks of the river
Looking out over life’s troubled sea
When I saw that ole ship that was sailing
Is that the ole ship of Zion I see.

Its hull was bent and battered
From the storms of life I could see
Waves were rough but that ole ship kept sailing
Is that the ole ship of Zion I see.

At the stern of the ship stood the captain
I could hear as he called out my name
Get on board it’s the ole ship of Zion
It will never pass this way again

As I step on board I’ll be leaving
All my sorrows and heartaches behind
I’ll be safe with Jesus the captain
Sailing out on the ole ship of Zion.
Posted:  26 Oct 2005 03:04
I love this song.  It tells me that now matter how far you get from God, he is always ther to meet you.
Posted:  21 Apr 2006 14:52
Posted:  29 Apr 2006 20:36
I was fifty three years old and NEVER had any man approached me about my soul,eternity, or even as much as invited me to any church.But PRAISE GOD,one day HE saw fit to send JESUS The Captain,sailing on the ole ship of zion,and HE too called out my name,and I got on board. I ant much of nothing,but tomorrow the 30th of April I'll be singing this song right before I preach on Hebrews 9:27 and Revelation 20:14. Title of message: (The Second Death Is one's CHOICE.) Please pray that souls will hear,and get on board the Ole Ship Of ZION. In CHRIST JESUS's PRECIOUS AND HOLY NAME,
Chauncey M. Freeman,SCPO,USN,RETIRED
Member Bethel Baptist Church
Posted:  21 May 2006 22:26   Last Edited By: Guest
                                   ELDORADO ILL
Posted:  06 Jun 2006 16:30
I wanted to sing this song and could not find all the words. Our trio is going to sing this. Thank you so much, Nova Foster, Springfield, Ohio
Posted:  24 Jun 2006 23:10
I was blessed in 1992 by a new friend, who sang this song without music at a church singing.  I was blessed again when God allowed us to be married in 1997.  I wanted him to sing it again at our church, there were a few lines he wasn't sure of, been looking for the song.  Thank you and God Bless.

          Brenda Honeycutt ,   Claremont, NC
Posted:  29 Jun 2006 16:10
Thank you so much for the lyrics to "Is That The Old Ship of Zion". My grandmother loved The Kingsmen who sang this song years ago in Accapella. I can remember going to her house and hearing this song. I now sing in a quartet and we're going to sing it next month in our church.

In Christ,
LD Cummins
Posted:  03 Jul 2006 02:58
I am so glad to find this site!  I thought of this song tonight in church at a remark our pastor made.  We have a man in our church who has just started singing bass.  I'm going to try to fit him into our trio to sing this song.  Thanks so much!
Posted:  27 Aug 2006 02:01
"ain't no danger in God's waters," can you imagine being in a place like that, peace and love and free of worry, backstabbing, deceit, liars, jealousy, hurt, and all the ills that you must encounter in life.

When I step off in God's water I know what it will feel like.
Posted:  27 Sep 2006 02:31
I have always loved this song. If it don't get your soul a burning for JESUS, your wood is wet!
Posted:  06 Oct 2006 01:32
ilove this song, and i know i will be getting on the old ship of zion someday.
Posted:  13 Oct 2006 19:50
I too play the Guitar in church and only for God. i owe everything to God. For God is my Captain and my master as he is the captain of that ole ship of Zion.I will do this song in Church myself without the Guitar, But puirty in Heart, just as God is pure in my Heart.
Posted:  30 Oct 2006 12:24
this is a beautiful song!it has a great meaning that if God is in life, he will be there to meet you! it'll be a great day! i wish the song was heard more often!
Posted:  01 Nov 2006 20:05
Will someone tell me where I can find the play or skit of "The Old Ship of Zion?"

Please let me know.  Thanks
Posted:  02 Feb 2007 03:36
I have had this song for years but forgot about it until I ran across this post. I am going to try and play it on the piano. Thanks
Bob Littcarr, KY
Posted:  02 Feb 2007 07:01
Tis the old ship of Zion
Tis the old ship of Zion
Tis the old ship of Zion
Get on board, get on board.

She has landed many a thousand
She has landed many a thousand
She has landed many a thousand
Get on board, get on board.

King Jesus is her Captain
King Jesus is her Captain
King Jesus is her Captain
Get on board, get on board.

There's no danger in her tempests
There's no danger in her tempests
There's no danger in her tempests
Get on board, get on board.
Posted:  28 Feb 2007 05:30
i just stumbled onto this site that appeared often after many searches for the "ole ship".
I like what I've seen surfing over this site of hyms and may comment later .
For now , just glad to be on board "" THAT OLD SHIP OF ZION "".

A bit of a coarse from a book i read,  on Amaizing Grace, and as a spiritual song will be my next search here. Has a bit of a history as many hyms may also.
I will look more at "THAT OLD SHIP OF ZION" for now and add my Ole_Ship link as well.
thanks again
http://ole-ship.geocities.master.com/texis/ma ...
Posted:  08 Mar 2007 01:06
i am lookin for the lyrics of the song i m a poor poor rich man some of the course is im a poor poor ric im a poor rich man well you see it realy happened to me im a miiilionair well i know that im poor but i got a lot more than many rich folks i know i got a home in the sky that money cant buy im a poor poor rich man does any one hane the lyrics of this song
Posted:  15 Mar 2007 18:45
march 15 2007
I am a matron at my church and I really would like the skit or play to the
Old Ship Of Zion for my youth group to do I seen it one time at this church a long time ago please help me find the skit or the play
Posted:  20 Mar 2007 03:02
I am looking for the skit (or play) too.
Posted:  29 Mar 2007 20:59
Looking for the play old ship of zion
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