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Posted:  15 Jan 2007 17:59
Looking for the words to I'm Changing Houses by the Primitive Quartet
Posted:  18 Jan 2007 00:13
I'm Changing Houses

While here on this earth, we moved all around
from city to city up hills and down
o'er rough roads and highways, cross mountains so high
but soon i'll be leaving, for my home in the sky


i'm changing houses, i'm moving from here
i've got a new one, that's free from all care
one without heartache, we'll never grow old
bought by the savior, with blood pure as gold


my new home is grand, with splendor untold
and no mortgage is due, it's all been paid for
you see my contract was signed, and sealed long ago
and because of his love, we'll move nevermore

I'm ready to move, my bags are all packed
and i'll soon be leaving, and i won't look back
yes i've made preparations, when i called on his name
and he said "you are chosen, and you won't move again"

repeat chorus:

hope this helps, God Bless
Posted:  20 Oct 2010 06:51
I have been looking the net over for this song!!! I sang it in church for my papaw on a regular basis...it is his favorite!  I had the lil cassette with music only on it and I can't find it anywhere...I will get it again.

Thank so much for posting it!
Posted:  04 Jan 2014 16:41
Happy New Year to all.   I am searching for the chords to the song "Hallelujah What a Day That Will Be".  I heard it sung by the group "Dedication"   I appreciated any and all help.
Posted:  04 Jan 2014 18:25
Hi Happy New Year,       

I trust this will help :
http://chordify.net/chords/hallelujah-what-a- ...
Posted:  05 Jan 2014 15:14
Thanks for the help on the song Hallelujah what a day that will be.     Now I am wondering if any one has the sheet music to the song so that I can download.
Posted:  11 Jan 2014 16:27
Hello out there in music land.   I am in need again.   I need info about the song
Look What He's Done for Me       Who is the original singer/singers      I heard it on you tube by the Stamps Baxter Choir...So beautiful   Can any one help  Please and thank you
Posted:  13 Jan 2014 15:29
Good Morning   Does any one know where I can purchased the sheet music to the song "Look What He's Done for Me"  I heard it sung by the Stamps Baxter Choir  Thanks
Posted:  10 Mar 2014 14:51
Hello      Looking  for sheet music "It Had To Be Love:   Help  and thanks
Posted:  10 Mar 2015 16:19
Hello everyone,  I am looking for the guitar chords for the song "Weapon of Prayer".  I have the words, but not chords.  Would appreciate any help.
Posted:  27 Feb 2017 01:31
I used to sign this to my Pappas at church before he died and Iive looked for this song everywhere thank you
Posted:  19 May 2017 22:40
does anyone have the piano music for I'm Changing Houses?
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