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Posted:  12 Jul 2012 17:44   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I just launched a new site called HymnLyrics.Net. Yes, there are fifty gazillion hymn lyrics sites out there (including this one), but I figured one more couldn't hurt

One thing I noticed is that on the Hymn Lyrics Search Engine, a lot of people are looking for the old standards, classics like Amazing Grace and In The Garden. I wanted to set up a place where people could not only read the lyrics, but also get the guitar chords, look up Scriptural references, and (if the hymn is in the public domain) download free MIDI files and sheet music, all in one place.

My goal in putting up the site is to focus on quality rather than quantity. In other words, put up as much great information I could in one place about the most popular hymns in the world. As time permits, I'll also try to write a little bit about the history of some of the hymns and my reflections. One of my hopes is that others who have been touched by these hymns will also share their own reflections.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw the site up and see if it sticks The site is still in its very early stages, so feel free to write some comments on that site, especially suggestions on what "old classic" hymns you'd like to see added. I may be a little slow, but eventually I hope to get as many as I can up!

Of course NameThatHymn.Com is and always will be my "first love", so I'll continue (with the great community we have here) to look for lost hymn lyrics as well as maintain my daily vigilance of fighting off spammers

But take a look at HymnLyrics.Net and let me know what you think. If you like it, please share with your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, and link to it on your blogs and Web sites if you can!

Thanks, and God bless!
Posted:  13 Jul 2012 02:38
I love hymns I played at church in the late 60s like Breathe on me Breathe of God, Godhead hear in hiding. Wherever 2 or more meet in my name there is love. Soul of my Saviour. Also folky hymhs learnt in the mid seventies were Joy is like the Rain. They will know we are Christians by our love. Spirit of God (in the clear running water) and All that I Am.
Posted:  18 Jul 2012 21:21
Posted:  07 Nov 2012 06:48
Steve, I clicked on the link to your site, but it takes me to NameThatHymn.com. I haven't been able to access your new site. Could you repost a link, please? Many thanks.
Posted:  07 Nov 2012 18:03   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Kathy,

Thanks so much for your message! I've actually been meaning to post an update, but got a little absent-minded until your message reminded me

I realized after hymnlyrics.net had been up for a few months on a separate URL that it made a lot more sense to consolidate it all on one site; after all, many of the people who use the two most-accessed features on NameThatHymn.com (the discussion forum and the search engine) are looking for classic Christian hymns.

So, I took the entire contents of that site and moved it to the "Classic Hymn" tab of NameThatHymn.com (which I'm continuing to update as time permits). I've also put redirects in place so that anyone going to the old URL is directed to the brand new site.

At the same time I also revived a little blog I wrote a couple years ago which had been sitting on another URL and moved that to the main site as well; most of the posts are a couple years old, but as time permits I'll write new ones

Sorry for the confusion as I try to figure out where everything belongs I hope consolidating everything like this helps everyone find what they need more easily.

God bless!
Posted:  19 Jan 2013 21:24
need lyrics to look out heaven (here i come) by michael combs
Posted:  01 Feb 2013 19:34
hi im a new drummer and just wanted to know if there is any sheet music for drums out there. i know someone has had to make them.
Posted:  01 Feb 2013 19:52
sorry drums for church hyms
Posted:  26 Mar 2013 21:04
I am SO proud of you!!! That is an awesome thing you are doing!! I am gonna get on it and spread the word. some of us old song lovers will be very thankful. Keep up the good work and I will help any way I can if you ask. Trish
Posted:  22 Apr 2013 00:54
I just love the old hymns of the faith. My Pastor is a hymn phanatic so i don't think i will ever forget those hymns. Keep up the good work
Posted:  25 Apr 2013 10:08
Hymnary is another great place to find lyrics

Posted:  25 May 2013 21:44
Hi Steve, it's Trish... I was wondering if you have the lyrics or music
to the song "Paint My Mind". It is a beautiful song that Bro. Brown from
Minlee's church used to sing. I hope you know it.... lol... then I want you
to send me a cd of you n mimi singing it.   I know you would love to do
that for me!! Miss yall. Love to all of you and your family!!
Posted:  19 Jun 2013 22:56
Hello, Steve:
     Thank you so much for the format of your new site - HymnLyrics.net !  I have listened to a couple of your postings and the YouTube postings you have selected are very well done!  The Cadet Sisters rendition of "In Times Like These": was very good ! 
   Thank you ! ! !
Posted:  21 Aug 2013 05:00
As for me and my house we'll serve the Lord
The chorus goes like this:

When the world is up against you
And it seems you’re on your own
Remember that the God we serve
He’s still on the throne.........
Posted:  03 Apr 2017 20:38
On a HIll Where Mercy Met Grace

A sinner condemned, what could I say
Standing there helpless without hope on that day
'till Jesus my Savior said I'll take the case
It all happened on a hill where mercy met grace

It happened on a hill where mercy met grace
Justice stepped down. The Blood said I'll take his place
I've been pardoned. I've been forgiven
All my sins have been erased
Yes it happened on a hill where mercy met grace

The chains of sin's prison, they no longer hold
I'm loose, been delivered. There's peace in my soul
For The Lamb that was spotless came and stood in my place
It all happened on a hill where mercy met grace
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