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Posted:  25 Mar 2012 19:13
Need music and lyrics for "Have You Had A Gethsemane" by the Gaithers. If not both, either one would help.
Posted:  04 Apr 2012 06:59
I don't have the music but here are the lyrics

“Have You Had a Gethsemane?”

In  the garden He went to pray
when it seemed hope was gone.
He prayed with a broken heart.
And he prayed all alone.

Have  you had a Gethsemane?
Have you prayed in despair?
In the dark of those weary hours
did the Lord meet you there?

Have you had a Gethsemane?
Have you prayed the night through?
Have you shed tears in agony
when no hope was in you?

Have  you prayed, “If it is thy will 
may this cup pass from me?
But if it’s your will, dear Lord,
I will bear it for thee?”

Written  By: William J. Gaither
Performed by: Danny Gaither
Genre: Gospel
Hope this helps...God Bless
Posted:  13 Aug 2012 19:25
here is the song. Its playing at 40minutes in the video

Enjoy, this is such a beautiful song

God bless

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0tgg3-MRrA
Posted:  03 Jan 2013 23:31
Is is there a second verse
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