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Posted:  06 Jan 2007 14:44
Hi, I need this complete hymn

As we gather may your spirit work within us
As we gather may we glorify your name
Knowing well that as our hearts begin to worship
We'll be blessed because we came.

Verse: we are people (need all verses after this)

Posted:  06 Jan 2007 16:24   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi Veens,

Here are the complete verses by Mike Fay and Tom Coomes, chorus by Edith McNeill.

As we gather may Your Spirit work within us
As we gather may we glorify Your name
Knowing well that as our hearts begin to worship
We'll be blessed because we came
We'll be blessed because we came

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
His mercies never come to an end,
They are new every morning, new every morning
Great is Thy faithfulness (Oh Lord)
Great is Thy faithfulness

You have called us by Your Spirit into worship
In this temple You have set our hearts aflame
As we lay our hearts upon Your holy altar
We'll be blessed in Jesus' name

Let us cleanse our hearts as we begin to worship
Let us fill our hearts with love for You and sing
Open up our eyes so we may come to know You
And unto us the Spirit bring

If you wish to use these lyrics in public, please respect the copyright owner by purchasing a copy. Sheet music is available at a nominal price at MusicNotes.Comhttp://ad.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/show?id=T0*xgb9K*MQ&bids=90283.540120344&type=10&subid=.
Posted:  18 Oct 2009 16:10
That isn't entirely true.  This chorus (whether legally or not, I don't know) is from a different song called The Steadfast Love of the Lord (appropriately enough) which has its own verses.  The words of course were written by God in Lamentations 3 but the song was written by Edith McNeill in 1974 (ish), long before this As We Gather song was written.  I have heard a couple versions of this song where there is maybe one chord change in the chorus but, since I grew up singing that song (since Edith went to the same church as I did as a child) it is unmistakably the same song.  It is sad to me that this song is all over the internet with no credit given to the woman who actually wrote (well, the Lord wrote it through her of course) the chorus.
Posted:  16 Nov 2009 11:37
Please do not be offended about this.  Leave this issue to God. He has a way of giving credit to people who have yielded to him.  Christians are always blessed with these two songs and I believe God is still blessing Edith and others  who wrote these songs.
Posted:  17 Apr 2011 22:48
Hi there!

Just came across this thread by accident, and thought I needed to point out that in the album notes of Praise 5 by the Marantha Singers (containing the original combo version of 'As we gather/The steadfast love' - 1981), Edith McNeill IS credited with the latter song. I recall her song was in the old 'choruses' songbooks separately. The combination is so well established now that people (incl myself) sing 'the steadfast love' bit as the chorus, and unless they are above a certain age(!), they wouldn't know they were originally 2 separate songs. They fit so wonderfully well together!
Posted:  13 Jun 2011 15:51
Glory to God!
Posted:  16 Aug 2011 15:20
I want to translate it in french.

Posted:  05 Dec 2011 19:00
thank you lol omg liwl
Posted:  31 Jan 2012 16:13
So touched, great
Posted:  22 Mar 2012 12:32
this song was sung at the  higher life conference  18 march 2012 @ pastor chris in cape town staduim   it was  amazing
Posted:  02 Sep 2012 02:41
Sorry for bumping this thread, but I just realized that the song as I know it is actually a medley of two songs, as the guest pointed out on "18 Oct 2009 16:10" This person also pointed out that it has additional verses.

Which brings me to the question. Does anyone have or know the melody/lyrics for Edith McNeill's verses? This is probably a shot in the dark, but hopefully someone knows SOMETHING!
Posted:  20 Mar 2013 23:26
The chorus (Edidth McNiell's portion) is available at http://www.presbyterianhymnal.org/sampler.htm ...
Posted:  23 Feb 2015 05:12
Ok, contact the Community of Celebration in Aliquippa, PA who I feel certain currently holds the copyright for Edith McNeill's song, "The Steadfast Love of the Lord Never Ceases." I was a close friend of Edith when the song was written and involved in getting it published. She also wrote another fine worship song, "Bless the Holy Name of Jesus," that I arranged and has been published and recorded too, as well. George Ellis Mims, D.M.
Posted:  13 May 2015 13:45
As we gather may your spirit work within us,
As we gather may we glorify your name,
Knowing well that as our hearts begin to worship,

We’ll be blessed because we came (2)
We are people born of water, and the spirit
We are people come to celebrate god’s love,
We have come to hear the word,
We have come to share the bread,
We have come to sing our praises to god above.
Posted:  21 May 2017 01:35
The Steadfast Love of the Lord is in the Celebration Hymnal #576
Posted:  17 Feb 2018 12:55
Ultimate Guitar has the full version of the song with chords
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