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Posted:  10 Mar 2012 05:41
looking for a song that is called I cannot stay away or may be titled egypt land

where was i when the Lord saved me
at the gates of death and misery
He picked me up and He set me free
by the blood He shed on Calvary

I cannot stay away; i cannot stay away
i don't want to die in egypt land

please help
Posted:  01 Jan 2013 08:43
Not sure where the song originated, who wrote it, or who actually recorded it, but as it is done in our area is as follows: The first verse and chorus you have is followed by these:                 The old ark angel came a stepping down with a long white robe and a crown in his hand. golden slippers on his feet, to walk that city with the golden streets. I cannot stay away, i cannot stay away. i dont want to die in egypt land. when i cross that river, i'll kneel at his feet. i'll tell him my journey has been mighty sweet. no more heartaches, my troubles are gone. I'll live with Jesus in my brand new home. I cannot stay away. I cannot stay away. I dont want to die in egypt land.
Posted:  01 Jan 2015 06:32
THATS IT!!!  I am soooo glad I found this finally.
thank you all so much
Posted:  25 Jul 2016 04:42
I remember my grandfather, a United Baptist Elder, singing this song in the stand. It's been so long, but I remember a verse that started out; "Mary and Martha were in distress, about their brother Lazurus' death- Mary weeped and Martha mourned, Jesus in His own way..." That's where I lose it. Can anyone remember that? I don't ever know of papaw being any sort of song writer. So, I really don't think he came up with the verse. I may just be an Eastern Kentucky, United Baptist addition, I can't say for curtain. I'm not even curtain that was word for word, the verse. I'd say it's pretty close. Any clues?
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