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Posted:  12 Feb 2012 19:58
Looking for lyrics---WHEN I KNELT THE BLOOD FELL
Posted:  12 Feb 2012 21:07
When I Knelt The Blood Fell

1st vrs
Sin is a captive
it binds and it holds
Satan will try to abolish your soul
Theres only one hope for your destiny
And that one hope is found
when your down on your knees

When I knelt the blood fell
Sin lost the battle the lamb has prevailed
What made all hell tremble rand heavens bell
When I knelt the blood fell

2nd vrs
After resurrection Jesus went to the throne
Presenting his sacrifice to God alone
Father It is finished He proclaimed as Heaven cheered
This blood is for all sinners for their redemption free and clear.
Posted:  25 Jun 2014 13:26
Looking for the lyrics "there is no place that you are not there, I'll never drift from your love and care.......... Praise you, praise you, let my life praise you.

Thank you
Posted:  27 Oct 2017 03:08
When I Knelt The Blood Fell
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
James Flower Youtube channel
https://www.youtube.com/user/jflowers10/video ...
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