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Posted:  13 Dec 2011 18:39
The best I remember it goes like " O' How sweet to rest in the arms of Jesus, O' how sweet .... Just to know he has saved me, with His mercy forgave me...." Any Help would be appreciated.
Posted:  26 Nov 2012 17:40
Once a traveler I was wandering, down a road rough and dusty
Satan had me blinded to the things of the world
I didn't know the peace of Jesus, wasn't aware salvation frees us
Till I trusted him completely by hearing God's word

O how sweet to rest in the arms of Jesus
O how sweet to know I'm safe from all harm
Just to know he has saved me, with his mercy forgave me
O how sweet to lean on Jesus' strong arms

Life has had its cares and trials, and we've walked some lonely miles
But it's worth the slight affliction for the smile on God's face
When my journey here has ended and to God I have ascended
There with him my voice has blended, I'll thank him for Amazing Grace


Tag: O how sweet to lean on Jesus' strong arms

I couldn't find the song on youtube, but I know that there are several southern gospel groups that have it on their cd's (:
Posted:  09 May 2013 02:45
The cathedrals  on YouTube with it ;-)
Posted:  18 Nov 2015 17:59
I'm also looking on utube for tht song, used to sing it back home on the choir  in Jamaica.
Posted:  18 Nov 2015 18:04
Here is the studio recording from The Cathedrals'
          1982 album - Oh Happy Day
                     Oh How Sweet
Posted:  18 Nov 2015 18:20
Here is another verse:
He is building me a mansion. His perfect plan need no expansion
I can hear the raptured Church start to sing Amazing Grace
There'll be sunshine and laughter and joy ever after
as we march 'round walls of Jasper; see Jesus face-to-face

and yet another rendition:
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