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Posted:  22 Sep 2011 23:43
Lots of versions of 'rusty nail' stuff.  Lyrics I know:

Three rusty nails, an old rugged cross, a place called Mount Calvary.
A crowd gathers around just to watch them crucify the King.
The first nail was for the passed sins that had me bound
Posted:  14 Oct 2011 06:20
The song  "The Three Nails" was written by Lewis Harrah and Jimmie Davis. Jimmie Davis sang it. Copyright 1970 by Jimmie Davis Music Co.,Inc. 836 Rutherford St., Shreveport, La.  He was governor of Lousiana. There is a long narrative and then the song. with three rusty nails, they nailed jesus to the tree. The sun turn'd to darkness on that day------Twas the day that Jesus died, and the blood flow'd from His side THE BLOOD THAT WASHED MY SINS AWAY-------Jesus cried forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do For they have strayedso far far away-----with three rusty nails, they took Jesus precious blood THE BLOOD THAT WASHED MY SINS AWAY.------They---laughed---as He cried, Soldiers pierced His naked side and His Father turned His face away-----They--- drove the nails so deep, spilled his blood and made him weep THE BLOOD THAT WASHED MY SINS AWAY
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