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Posted:  30 Aug 2011 21:57
hello All!!

I absolutely love the song He knows My Name by the Mcraes and am trying to learn to play it. I really would  love to sing it at church sometime but  I'm having a hard time picking out the melody to it.
I can usually pick out just about anything but have a little trouble putting the chord changes with it but this time I'm just not hearing it and I'm not that good at reading sheet music either. I found a post on here from a while back that had the chords listed to the song and I was able to pick a little of it out along with the chords given but still haven't been able to quite get it. I really like to play the right hand melody along with my chords instead of just chording the whole song so any help from you talented pianists out there with a good ear would be VERY much appreciated. Or if someone has the sheet music and could list it for me from that too would be great.  I'm just now moving into the intermediate realm of piano playing to so I need things spelled out pretty plainly and preferrably in a simple key to play. (maybe C or B flat? I sing in these keys a lot)

I would be so greatful to anyone who could list the right hand melody as well as the accompanying chords. Thanks so much and God Bless!!
Posted:  02 Sep 2011 05:00
You can find the sheet music on musicnotes.com.  The way I play it matches it chord wise for the most part.  I deviate in the bridge a lot though.  If you need to hear an instrumental of this song you can check out New Manna Baptist Church's website and look under church media, youth choir instrumentals and it should be there.  They do it in Eb - F.

He (Eb) counts the stars one and all(Bb), He knows how much sand is on the shores (Cm), He sees every sparrow (Eb/Bb) that falls (Ab) (Ab/Bb).  (Eb)He made the mountains and the seas (Bb), He's in control of everything (Cm), of all creatures (Eb/Bb) great and small (Ab),

And He (Ab/Bb) knows my name (Eb), every step that I take (Bb), every move that I make (Cm), every tear (Eb/Bb) that I cry (Ab), He knows my name (Eb) when I'm overwhelmed by the pain (Bb) and can't see the light of day (Cm), but I know (Eb/Bb) I'll be just fine (Ab), cause He (Ab/Bb) knows my name (Eb).

Same progression for the second verse.

He knew (Cm) who I was when He carried (Bb) the cross, He knew (Ab) that I would fail Him (Eb), but He took the loss (Bb).

Hope this helps.
Posted:  04 Sep 2011 02:37
Thanks so much!! I'm gonna write this down right now and go give it a try. This song is just so different than something like Amazing Grace or I'll Fly Away where I can pick out the right hand melody word for word.  I've never played by just chording before but I' gonna try it. Thanks again!!
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