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Posted:  20 Aug 2011 22:19
please help me i want to learn this song.....the LORD still lives in this old house.sang by Paul Williams ant the Dixie trio"
Posted:  21 Aug 2011 03:45
If this earthly tabernacle should be dissolved today,
I'd trade it for a finer one that would not pass away.
But 'til the day arrives when it's time for moving out,
It's such sweet peace to know the Lord still lives in this old house.

The sweetest fellowship I've known has fortified these walls.
And peace has reigned since He's been won up and down these halls.
With snow upon the rooftop now and these hinges near worn out,
It's such a joy to know the Lord still lives in thie old house.

To Him it's been a dwelling place where He kept my hand in His.
To me a home away from Home is all it really is.
It sure ain't fine or fancy, and all I can boast about
Is after all these years, the Lord still lives in this old house.

There were times He had the right to up and move away.
And there were times it took His great amazing Grace to stay.
But He never left this old building once, that's why I can sing and shout!
'Cause after all these years the Lord still lives in this old house.
Posted:  23 Oct 2011 21:19
This is in G, just uses 3 chords: G, D, and C.
Of the top of my head:
Look for my YouTube video in the next few weeks--on mandolin

Praise God!

M in Mississippi
Posted:  13 Jul 2016 08:56
This song was written by my Daddy "Bill Burns" and was specifically written for J.D. Sumner and was featured on a Gaither Homecoming video
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